Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DD pics for week 2

I thought some of you might like checking out the photos I've taken for my December Daily project for the second week of the month - December 8-14. I'm glad I have lots of choices to include in my December Daily project, but I still haven't been able to capture the kinds of photos and lighting that I've envision in my head. It's a work in progress, I guess.

Ugly Christmas sweater day at school; I opted for my new, Grinch apron. :)

My daughter sent me this selfie that she took by my Christmas tree; I had bought some of these "ears" in different styles at Mighty Dollar, and she decided to wear them to teach her dance classes.

My students just finished up body biography projects for various characters in the Scarlet Letter. They  had to draw and dress the bodies, then they included quotes that revealed inner thoughts/feelings under the clothes and quotes that revealed the way characters interacted with others around the outside of the bodies. For each quote, they also had to include their own analysis of its importance.

A couple of kids came back to visit from college this week; I loved seeing Jacob and Tre and hearing all about their first semester of college.

Doesn't something always break during the Christmas season? This time, it was another needed washing machine repair.

We played our cross-town rivals in a basketball doubleheader this week and won both games! The girls spanked the other team by like 40 points, while the boys had a closer win of about 10 points.

Random selfie on the couch because, well, why not?

Kelsey's car still isn't running, so I transport her as often as I can. This night, I needed to pick her up at Skypac (our local performance venue) after she did the hair and makeup of the little girls from her dance studio who danced with the Moscow Ballet in The Nutcracker Suite.

I tried to grab some photos of the lights on our downtown square with my phone but didn't have much success in picture quality. I think I'll head back down there with my big camera and see if I have better luck.

Here's another selfie, this time at school. I'm rocking one of my fave new dresses that I bought at a local barn sale. Love the 60s vibe!

These are the choices I made for wrapping paper this year. Love the quality and selection at Target + these were on sale at 3 for $12.

On Sunday nights, I watch The Walking Dead with the fella. I snapped this selfie in his basement as I waited for our show to begin.

At least a couple of times per month, we head to Penn Station for dinner. I always order the same thing - a mushroom artichoke sandwich and split a fry with the fella.

I'm already thinking about spring crafting projects, and winter has only just begun here. I envision a banner or bunting or something similar with this combination of fabrics as part of my planned reworking of my entry wall.

Check out my adorable new ornament! I treated myself on a recent trip to my favorite boutique in town, Heartstrings.

At the entrance to my neighborhood, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church put up this lovely nativity scene. I adore the simplicity of it. I snapped this pic with my big camera as I parked and went up fairly close to the scene.

Here's the photo I snapped on my phone as I pulled into my neighborhood; I think the two perspectives are pretty cool.

I totally stole this photo idea from RetroHipMama and copied her awesome Target pic that I saw on her Instagram feed. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out, especially since it's just a phone snap.

Last Saturday, I gave the ACT. It's no fun to get up super early on a cold, Saturday morning, but the pay is pretty good.

This past week, I sold the rest of the metal holiday necklaces that I'd made for the craft fair. That meant that I had to make multiple trips to the post office here in town - def not my favorite thing to do. I am a fan of this picture with the clouds overhead though.

Random car selfie while out shopping.

Last Saturday, I met Travis and one of his friends for a late lunch at Novo Dolce Bistro in town. It was wonderful as always. The $2 bellinis were a fave as was the Siciliano pizza I ordered, but the best part of the lunch was the great conversation and meeting a new friend.

I'm making progress on my Paris stitching project. The stitching relaxes me in the evenings, but it means I haven't really been doing any scrapbooking.

Cuddled up in my giant, fluffy robe in front of the tv selfie - this is real life, people.

Here's a close-up of a Christmas ornament I made when I was a senior in high school. I love that I still have this for my tree.

I wore jeans to school when it wasn't a Friday! Look at me being such a renegade.

Here's a look at one of my new ornaments for this year - an angel dachshund to commemorate the loss of my beloved Lowder-dog. I want to work on the lighting for this pic and include it in my DD for sure.


  1. These are great! You really do inspire me to try to live a more interesting and beautiful life. Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!

    1. Nancy, your comment touched me. There are lots of times I don't think my life is especially interesting or beautiful, so to learn from you that I inspire you to view your own life that way is an amazing compliment. Thank you for brightening my spirit with this! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  2. What a fun variety of pictures you have! Those fabrics are delicious. The Target one is so colorful. I agree -- light is definitely a challenge, especially in the winter. Our camera phones seem to excel in natural light and are challenged by artificial light much of the time. The Nativity picture with your big camera is really striking -- I love the shadows.

    1. You are so right about the light factor! It seems like every time I want to do something crafty or take a photo or video, it's already dark. Grr! Thanks for complimenting my photos; you know from the podcast that I've struggled with being happy with my photos for a long time, so it's nice to hear I'm getting it right every now and then at least. :)

  3. great photos. I love your spring fabrics. I totally get wanting to spend your evenings with your embroidery. When I am working on a project like that (or reading a book), I don't want to scrapbook or do anything else until I'm done with the project (or book). Two more days until winter break!?!

    1. Omg, Keely, you're exactly right! I even cancelled a social event last night because it was so cold and dreary that I just wanted to stay home in my pjs and stitch. (Shh - don't tell them the truth; I left out the details!) I've had my studio door shut, so that room was kind of cold since it's on the corner of the house where the wind seems to whip 'round constantly. Last night, I opened it up to warm it up in hopes that I'll scrapbook some this weekend. I'm counting down the hours to break as we speak!

  4. Love all your photos and To Do inspire me! Merry Christmas!