Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Daily 2016 - the plan

For those of you who are interested in doing December Daily this year, I thought it might help for you to see a little bit of how I am planning out my album.

So far, I've selected an album - this one

And I've gathered some of my supplies - see them here. By the way, that business about me not having many Christmas supplies like I said in a recent podcast? Total lie. I have WAYYYY more than I realized I did and shouldn't allow myself to buy anything else for like three years. Of course, that won't actually happen, but I did feel the need to set the record straight. I didn't lie about it on purpose at least. :)

I planned to set up my tripod for future use around my house, but I can't find the blasted thing. I'm giving myself one more day to find it, then I guess I'll just order another one. Grrr! Did I get rid of it thinking I didn't need it anymore? Did I loan it to someone? Is it lurking in my nightmare of a storage room? Who knows!

And I've started making a list of the possible stories I might tell each day. While this list is fluid, I like having an idea of what things I might photograph and discuss on my pages. You'll notice that some days have more than one event possibly planned. In that case, I'll either choose the best pics from one event or potentially tell more than one story. I'm giving myself permission to do that if needed.

December 1 -- Christmas tree
December 2 -- Podcasting with Tracie; school pep rally
December 3 -- Charlie's grooming appointment; Christmas at Shakertown Village
December 4 -- State football championship game
December 5 -- ?
December 6 -- ?
December 7 -- ?
December 8 -- ?
December 9 -- ?
December 10 -- Giving the ACT; pet photos with Santa; cocktails/dinner with Travis & guest
December 11 -- Trees of Christmas at Houchens Center
December 12 -- Finals week dress-up day (idk what yet)
December 13 -- Faculty Christmas luncheon
December 14 -- Finals week dress-up day - Grinch apron
December 15 -- Finals week dress-up day (idk what yet); doctor's appointment; departmental dinner
December 16 -- Finals week dress-up day - Christmas 'hat'
December 17 -- Lunch and shopping with Lorie
December 18 -- ?
December 19 -- Taking Kelsey to the airport; dentist appointment; Christmas with Travis
December 20 -- Christmas event with the fella; Luke's birthday
December 21 -- Lunch with Tonia
December 22 -- Mammogram appointment; lunch and shopping with Lorie (back-up plan)
December 23 -- Christmas with Tracie
December 24 -- Christmas Eve Mass; celebrate with the fella
December 25 -- Christmas gathering with Davenports
December 26 -- ?
December 27 -- ?
December 28 -- Celebrate Vonda's birthday
December 29 -- Vonda's birthday; Ikea trip with Tracie
December 30 --
December 31 -- New Year's Eve family style

Holiday related story ideas for "empty" days --> close-up shots of decorations, wrapping gifts, baking/cooking, stories from my childhood, Christmas music, Christmas movies, returning students pics, packages on doorstep

And, of course, there may be some days where my story involves just a shot of a glass of wine or my dinner or a selfie.


  1. So awesome! (also, that IKEA trip with Tracie (Claiborne?!) - ya'll have to VLOG that!)
    ~Theresa, aka Larkindesign

  2. I am jumping in too. I am binge listening to the scrapgals from the last few weeks and whooo hoo all about DD's getting me even more ready.

  3. Great list. I really should do this. I love a good list.