Thursday, August 18, 2016

Madrid architecture

Here are just a few pics of my fave buildings and streets and monuments in Madrid. It was hot and dirty and crowded and certainly no Paris, but, man, do I miss it. While I may never stay in Madrid long term again, it will always be a city that I hold dear to my heart. With all this fabulous architecture and art, how could I not? (Before I continue spouting verse, I'll hush and let the pics do the talking.)


  1. I'm watching the USA vs Spain woman's basketball in the Olympics and perusing your page....then the spain post. HA!
    beautiful photos and similar to mine from May/June vacation in Madrid.

  2. Tiffany - I too loved the architecture - but we went in December so it was definitely not hot, but everyone was off from work/school for the holidays so it was crowded - still one of my favorite places. Thanks for the beautiful remainders!

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