Tuesday, August 16, 2016

10 Things I'm Loving Right Now

The It's been a while since I shared some of my fave things, so I thought I'd give you a random rundown of 10 things making me happy right now. Some of the items are new, but I'm pretty sure I've recommended some of these before.

Disclaimer -> none of these companies know I'm alive, no kickbacks involved; I just like these products. 

1.  Stranger Things on Netflix - I was resistant even though the fella recommended it; then I watched the whole season in one weekend!

2.  Godiva chocolate candle that I'm using in my classroom - makes it smell like donuts according to my students

3.  Vera Wang perfume - fresh and delicate with sweet tones

4.  White ultra skinny jeans from Primark - super comfy and super stylish

5.  Pistachios - my current fave school snack

6.  Bath & Body Worls lotion, body scrub, and oil in eucalyptus spearmint - always delightful in smell and feel; I could use a vat of this stuff monthly

7. Potato salad from Griff's Deli, a local sandwich shop

8. Brand name scrapbook paper at HL - if only they'd carry ALL the brands I love...

9.  Limonata by San Pellegrina - a little taste of Europe here at my Kroger grocery store

10. Brainpickings.org - art, philosophy, history, literature, science...it's all here and distilled into a brief daily article that allows the reader to decide what to pursue reading/studying on her own.


  1. My daughter and I watched Stranger Things. Enjoyed it. Something different.

    I haven't tried the eucalyptus spearmint...that good?

  2. I'm wearing a Vera Wang fragrance right now, too -- it's called Princess and comes in a heart shaped bottle. #girly I hope my HL gets that Bloom pad, too. I've spent my "discretionary" budget for August so will have to hope for luck in September.