Monday, July 11, 2016

Traveler's Notebook Art Journal Update

So I've only done a handful of art journal pages in my TN thus far. I've mainly been journaling and even that isn't complete. I thought I'd share with you the few artsy pages that I've finished so far as well as one that's in progress. I still don't feel super confident about art journaling, so it's a stretch for me to put these out there.

The top photo is a quote from a book I read while on the trip, and I made a watercolor page using the watercolor pencils and water brush pen that I brought with me. 

This next page is supposed to be the Pride flag; I thought it would be a good way to commemorate the experience of going to the parade in Madrid. Honestly, it didn't turn out like I pictured it in my mind, but I can live with it.

Likewise, this very simplistic 4th of July page didn't match the vision in my head either. At least I think it turned out ok once I finished it. It's just sort of random and cliche.

Here's a page where I sketched the floor to ceiling doors out onto my terrace in my apartment. I'm pretty happy with this page. It looks a lot like those doors in real life. 

Here's a pic of the doors for reference, albeit open in this photograph. At least you can get the general idea.

This is a sketch I made after spending some time at the Reina Sofia museum. I feel generally proud of this sketch too. At least you can tell it's supposed to be s naked lady.

As a point of reference, this is the famous artwork I was trying to sketch. 

For my latest project, I wanted to try to recreate the cool painted wall I encountered in Chueca this past week. Here are a couple of photographs I took with and of the wall.

And here's my artwork in progress. It's not an exact replica, but I think I'm on the right path with it. And more importantly, I'm actually enjoying this one. I'll be sure and share again when it's finished. 

I know several of you have posted on our fb community that you're jumping on the TN bandwagon after our shows about the trend. I'd love to hear how you're planning to approach your TN and any tips you might have for successful art journaling. 


  1. Thanks for sharing what you've created! The nude is well done and the geometric page in progress looks cool. I have barely dipped a toe into drawing/art journaling, but find it useful to have something to refer to, at least for now.

  2. tiffany the last one where you were inspired by the wall & did your own thing is my fave! super glad you're getting artsy. i like seeing what you did, & what you were inspired by. keep arting.