Saturday, July 30, 2016

Calendar update

Summer vacation is nearing its inevitable end for me. I go back to work full time on Monday, 8/8, and students return to class on Wednesday, 8/10. Since I haven't been back from Madrid very long, I realized I really need to plan out my few remaining days if I have any hope of accomplishing much before the back-to-school rush and accompanying exhaustion occur. Today, I thought I'd share my tentative schedule of plans with you.  Warning -> it's a lot of work with only sprinkles of fun, but that's the price you pay when you've spent most of the summer traveling the world.

Sat. 7/30  Yard work + grocery + pool + date night

Sun. 7/31 Housework + bathe Charlie-dog + fella

Mon. 8/1 Work in classroom + pool + coffee w/ Travis

Tue. 8/2 Crafty day + housework

Wed. 8/3 Work in classroom + pool + coffee w/ Marya + fella

Thur. 8/4.  In-service training day for teachers + craftiness

Fri. 8/5 Amusement park w/ fella and kiddo + concert in the park

Sat. 8/6. Yard work + housework + fella (dinner w/Davenports?) 

Sun. 8/7. Closet triage + grocery + fella

Mon. 8/8. Opening day for staff + open house for students/parents

Tue. 8/8. Teacher work day + errands

Looks like a busy couple of weeks ahead for me. I'll keep this simple mantra in mind: work toward your goals but don't forget to take good care of yourself. Hopefully, that'll help keep me rather Zen for the upcoming schedule adjustment I'll face. 🤓

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