Saturday, May 14, 2016

My fave household products - 5 recommendations

After several years of keeping house, I've decided that these are my 5 favorite household cleaning items to keep on hand. Cutting corners by using store brands just hasn't been effective in these particular items, so I pay for the name brand and try to find coupons when I can. These products are getting the job done at my house.

1. Gain liquid detergent

2. Oxi-clean detergent additive

3. Mr. Clean with Febreze

4. Mr. Clean Eraser mop head

5. Finish dishwasher tabs

What are your favorite household products and why?


  1. Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Tide and Palmolive. Although, I must admit that the Tide is a throw back to what my mother used, and a smell thing for me. There and there is less and less fragrance in products these days and I love clean smelling clothes.

  2. Dawn dishwashing liquid, Murphy's Oil Soap and Charmin Ultra Mega Roll bath tissue. That last is a MUST.

  3. I'm a Tide Girl all the way. Dawn dish soap. Cascade Platinum dishwasher tablets. PineSol all purpose cleaner. And Scotts TP. I too spend more money on these and the store brand just doesn't cut it.