Sunday, March 20, 2016

Welcome Spring + April To-Do List

April To-Do List

1.  Finish Paris scrapbook project (combo of traditional layouts and pocket pages; I at least want to finish the pocket page portion)

2.  Paint hallway (changing from mud brown that I hate to the same pearl gray as my studio)

3.  Clean windows along front of house

4.  Get lawnmower and weedeater up and running for the season (this may involve help from either the fella or Jake or a professional - to be determined)

5.  Finish the great purge of 2016 (clean out and purge all closets in the house)

And no, I'm not even close to being finished with the March To-Do List yet, and here it is 2/3 through the month already. I guess I need to get busy. Of course, there are many more things I should do or want to do, but I'm trying to limit my to-do list to just 5 items that I can reasonably hope to accomplish.

Do you create a monthly to-do list? Do you usually accomplish it? Which of my items would be most difficult for you to accomplish? Do tell because I can't wait to hear. :)


  1. I tend to do a weekly list. I'm a list girl big time. As for your list, I'd do 1, 5, 2, 3, then 4. If I didn't have my husband, #4 would be more like hire someone to.... I'm perfectly capable of doing the yard work and kind of enjoy it. I'm not super mechanical. If it required more than a spark plug and filter change, I'd need help. If I'm being totally honest, I'd probably be hiring out the painting too. Not on my list of fun things to do on a random Saturday.

  2. Great list, not unlike mine, although I am still hopeful of finishing my closet purge in March. Good luck with the list.

  3. I have a spring break to do list also. I'm usually overly ambitious when I have a break and end up spending way to much time be useless! Good luck!

  4. You've inspired me to create a to-do list for april. Without it, nothing of substance will be achieved. My purging has been on hold because my Purple Heart contact stopped calling. They used to pick up monthly. Tomorrow, I'm going to load up my car and take my donations to the local Goodwill. Not as convenient as a pick up, but it'll do the trick to get us back on track. I'm jealous that your trees are in bloom. That's not happening yet in northern Illinois.