Friday, March 11, 2016

My flat in Madrid

I'm super excited about my trip to Madrid this summer. Just last week, I finalized my reservations for a flat in Madrid for one month. I'll be staying at a place on Plaza de las Comendadores in the Conde Duque and Malasana neighborhoods of Madrid. Here are a few pics of the flat that I grabbed from airbnb.

The living room has a tv, air conditioning, wireless internet, a pullout sofa, a tiny terrace with French style doors, and hardwood floors. I didn't have a/c in Paris last summer, so it was a definite necessity for this year.

The sleeping nook has a loft bed with a desktop area underneath for my laptop and crafting.

The kitchen seems to have all the things I need including a washing machine and a refrigerator with freezer. (Last year in Paris, I didn't have a freezer at all!)

The bathroom isn't overly large, but I think it'll suit my needs just fine.

Check out the area around my apartment. I'll be on the second floor of my building, and there's even an elevator for me to use when I'm bringing up my bags.

I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. The woman who owns it was even willing to negotiate with me a bit, so I feel like I got a pretty good deal. Let's put it this way: I couldn't spent a month in Florida for what this apartment is costing me in Madrid.

Here's the airbnb listing if you'd like to take a look:

Hasta manana, mi amigas!


  1. Exciting! Oh, and the bathroom - I've lived in the U.S. for so long now that every time I go back to Europe, I'm surprised by how small the bathrooms are. We're spoiled over here.

  2. It's a cute place, and at least the loft bed looks like it's full size. But I'd be artfully covering that guy's backside first thing! LOL

  3. Looks AWESOME! My daughter and I are starting to get really excited about our upcoming trip to Eng/Ire/Scot. 😃