Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Travel Wish List - Top 10 Items

If I had tons of extra funds lying around, these are the things I'd treat myself to before my next international trip. I may be able to swing a few of them  yet, but take a look at my wishlist. If you're a traveler, you might enjoy some of the same things!

1. Go Pro Camera

2. Phone with European sim card

3. Scarf with hidden pocket for valuables

4. Wearable iPhone charger bracelet

5. PhotoJoJo lens attachments for my iPhone

6. iPhone wrist strap to deter thieves

7. Camper sandals

8. Compression packs

9. Tieks travel flats

10. iPhone case with storage compartment

Are you ready for your next vacay? What's on your wish list, hmmm?


  1. I want a pair of these Bluetooth earbuds... Pricey but cool! http://coolmomtech.com/2016/02/best-wireless-bluetooth-earbuds-much-searching-actually-exist/

    I love your list!!! Hope you get some of them :)

  2. I'm wishing for a DSLR. I'm generally pretty happy with the photos I get from my iPhone, but it has inherent limitations. I don't think I'd carry it every day of a vacation, but it would be nice to have about half the time.

  3. My husband has a GoPro and compression bags. He would highly recommend both.

    My wish list would include a MILC (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera). Smaller and lighter than DSLR but good image quality. Video option. Better pics than phone. I've been saving for a DSLR but have been considering the MILC as I fear I might not use the DSLR as often as I should due to size/weight.