Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To Read, To Try, and To Buy in 2016

At the start of a new year, like many of you, I like to think about things I want to accomplish in the coming 12 months. As part of that tendency, I've made a list of things I want to read, to try, and to buy in 2016. Take a look.

To Read:

1. I've set a goal at 50 books on GoodReads. Have you set a goal? Are you a member? I recommend both if you haven't already done so. If you join, feel free to friend me; I'm lowdertiff on GoodReads.

2. As part of those 50 books, I've also set a goal to read some classics that I never read in college (in full at least) and to read some nonfiction. Those are both areas that I haven't really explored much as I read for pleasure these days.

3. I'd also like to listen to some of these 50 books as audiobooks. As the weather improves, perhaps this will be enough entertainment that I'll get back into my walking routine in the afternoons after school. That's my plan, at least.

To Try:

4.  Attend a new kind of festival with the fella. We've talked about it, but we haven't really done much of this except for a Renaissance Festival in May 2014. I'm excited to find us a festival to explore sometime this spring.

5.  Take a yoga class. This could even happen just in my living room, but I want to take a yoga class of some kind. Not hot yoga like my daughter takes or really any yoga where I would know anybody - on second thought, perhaps I'll need to do this out of town.

6. Go on a weekend trip with the fella. We've discussed it but never given it a try. I think this might be a good year to see how we travel together, at least for a short time and distance. ;)

7. Take an art class of some kind at a local shop. Watercolors or acrylic painting or knitting or crochet or something. I think it would be fun, and it's something I've talked about doing for a long time and just haven't followed through with in my actual schedule. At first, I thought I might want to do this with a friend. On second thought, I'd probably get more out of it if I did it on my own.

To Buy:

8. A FitBit - see number 3 above. I think it might help me meet some of my fitness goals. Or at least it would be a cool gadget to play with and try to use, right?

9. A screen door for the front door at my house. I've wanted one ever since a storm destroyed mine a few years ago, but it's something that I keep pushing to the back burner. It's a pain to try to find someone who will pick it up at the store and install it. This spring, I definitely want to have one installed though.

10. Flat screen television for my bedroom - I've had the fatback tv in there for at least 20 years. Perhaps it's time I joined the 21st century. Hahaha! I'll be looking at the sales around Superbowl time with interest.

What about you? What plans to read, to try, and to buy do you have in the coming year? I'd love to hear about what you have in store. :)


  1. My reading plans are so small it is embarrassing to say but since you asked nicely my goal is to read 1 book.
    My tries is to conquer my camera. I want to get off auto mode. I also want to make my Etsy store a success.
    My buy would be a would be that book.

  2. Is it cheating that I printed your list and I'm going to adapt it for my own. Copying is the best form of flattery, right? Anyway, 50 books is too many for me but LOVE the audiobook idea - that is once I get caught up on my Scrap Gals podcasts . . . But many of the things are on my list too

  3. Great list!!
    to read: no goal but To Kill a Mockingbird & Go Set a Watchman are at the top
    to try: have to think on this one
    to get: I got a garmin vivosmart for Christmas & am loving the accountability it gives me but man does it show how horribly I sleep :/ I don't think I have anything I want to get this year unless more LuLaRoe leggings count...

  4. love these sorts of posts. I like knowing what other people are planning for the upcoming year. gives me ideas and motivates me.

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  6. I just searched for you on GR but it's not showing a lowdertiff. I'm JulieP. There are several but only two say United States...and only one with a photo. That's me. LOL!!

  7. continuing on...*smile*...I set a goal of 45 books this year. Hit my goal of 40 for 2015. I do a combo of ebooks and audiobooks. One book on my to-read this year is Catcher in the Rye. Nope, never read it.

  8. FYI...just tried Tiffany Lowder and sent you a request.

  9. I'm not much of a reader...but! my goal is to get off the computer and READ or Scrap. I read fluff and I like it :)

    My OLW is 'Do' so instead of it being a to do list, I mean it to be trying new things, saying yes more than saying no...But I really should make a list of new things to try or do..haha

    I bought my Garmin Vivio2 and I've joined a 1000 mile challenge/2016. I just realized I should make a mini book or at lease a round up page at the end of each month for my PL album.

    I'm very excited to see what the new year brings. AND I'm so excited I found you and Tracie for new scrap inspiration...I love how you guys just chat and have fun!
    Julie not be confused with Jules above...lol

  10. Set a smaller reading goal this year as I will do less audiobooks, and more reading of paper books. I will look forward to hearing how you do with your FitBit - I need to dig mine out of the drawer and recommit.

  11. The secret to FitBit success is finding fitbit friends to do challenges with! They really motivate you!

    Also -- when you first get your bit -- just wear it for a few days and go about your NORMAL routine. Figure out what you're averaging. DO NOT TRY TO GO FOR 10,000 immediately unless you're pretty close already.... If you're averaging like 4,000 make your goal 5,000... then after you've done that for about a week, 6,000... 1,000 steps is about 10 minutes of walking. It's DOABLE. Park further away, walk around the block, that stuff...Then slowly boost it up.

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