Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November Fauxdori Page + December Daily info

Yesterday, I made a couple more pages in my fauxdori. This time, the topic was my upcoming stay in Europe next summer. I used several leftover stickers from Cocoa Daisy's planner kits the last few months as well as various washi tape I had in my little bag of supplies with me. This is pretty simple, but it's still a page that I'm gad I made. :)

 Since today is December 1st, I thought I'd share with you the main supplies I plan to use. I stuck with the 6 x 8 size that I've used the past few years and picked up a plain Kraft binder album at HL the other day. It came with some page protectors, but idk if I'll use many of them. At least I'll have the option, right?

 A few weeks ago, I ordered the October Afternoon Under the Tree collection kit and some embellishments from A Cherry on Top, but I didn't open it until now. I needed to keep it perfectly neat until I was ready to use it. You can see an overview of the collection followed by some more closeup shots.

I haven't made any pages or anything, but at least I have some awesome supplies to inspire me. Honestly, I may journal and take pics during the week and then work on my actual pages over the weekends. My work schedule makes it difficult for me to do much scrapbooking in the evenings. Lots of days I'm just too tired for that. While I might be kind of bummed as I look at everyone else's daily pages, I can also collect ideas for how I want to make my own pages. (Focus on the positive, right?)

How many of y'all are working in a fauxdori? How many of you are doing a December Daily? What are you excited about, and what are you stressing over already?  Do tell - do tell!


  1. Glad to see the Under the Tree collection. I bought almost all of it too except the stamps. I'll be watching to see what you do with it. I too have troubles scrapping during the week after work

  2. Tiffany, I just found you and Tracie and have enjoyed you both - you have great energy. Love that.
    I am going to Europe for the 1st time - to Spain - in May. Have you been there before? What are you thoughts? We are going to Barcelona and Madrid....Let me know if you have any 'must see's' there.

  3. I'm doing a 4 x 4 December Daily album, using page protectors for the photos and using white tags for journaling (not in page protectors). At least that's the plan at the moment. I've cut up lots of squares of patterned paper into 4 x 4, gathered embellishments, etc. I'll probably work on it in batches, too, as weeknights are so busy. (Especially when you spend waaaaayyyyyy too much time convincing your child that she really does need to shower -- deep sigh -- and then scouring the house for missing library books.)