Sunday, December 20, 2015

Left on my holiday to-do list

Tiff's Holiday To-Do List - only 5 days left to get it all done!

Monday -- 1. Dentist appointment, eye doctor's appointment, buy new contacts/glasses (*spend                                 remaining FSA and HRA funds for 2015)
                  2. Go to the grocery for the holiday
                  3. Wrap before Christmas gifts
                  4. Meet Travis for coffee and trip planning

Tuesday -- 1. Christmas get-together with Tracie
                  2. Wrap gifts for gatherings other than family one
                  3. Shop for last minute gifts and supplies

Wednesday -- 1. Christmas get-together with Lorie
                       2.  Wrap remaining gifts and separate by gathering for ease of transport
                       3.  Clean house in preparation of holiday gathering

Thursday --1. Cook - dish I'm taking to Davenports + stuff for our family gathering
                   2. Mass at 4:30 (arrive at 3:30 for seats/music)
                   3. Davenport gathering following Mass
                   4. Traditional opening of the pjs at home that evening

Friday -- 1.  Finish cooking for family gathering
               2.  Open gifts with family and fella
               3.  Host dinner for K & J + M & L
               4.  Watch a Christmas movie together
               5.  Call Dad

How's your week ahead looking? Do you have as much to get done as I do? Aacckk! Serenity now!

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  1. I have to work M-W, but I'm doing pretty good. Wrapping & shopping done (with the exception of one tiny thing still coming for my husband). My daughter & I baked cookies yesterday and plan to do more today. On Christmas Eve I'll cook my lasagna sauce & assemble it so that on Christmas Day I just have to bake it. :-) I'm actually kind of tired from being so industrious yesterday. Would like to have the baking completed before dinner so I can relax tonight.