Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Daily - sharing days 5 and 6

Day 5 is actually a two-page spread and a departure from my use of the #30daysoflists journaling prompts. On December 5, my Purples won their fourth state football championship in the last five years. As you can imagine, it was pretty exciting. Since I had photos (yay!) and an important story to tell, I decided not to go with the list prompts for that day. I'll either substitute those prompts in for later ones that I might not like or might not be applicable to my life or I'll just skip them. Either way, I think it's okay. At first, I worried that I was changing direction/focus/theme midstream, and then I reminded myself that this is MY December Daily. I can make it exactly how I want. If I want to change focus every flipping day, well, I can. (I'm not recommending that per se, I'm just flexing my personal prerogative.) 

The left hand side of the spread is the back of day 4 which was in a divided page protector. I still used winter themed embellishments since it was freezing that night. I also added a sticker and wrote in a subtitle on my PL card and tag to make them 'work' with my day's story. I didn't worry much about the school colors showing in the photo. Let's be real: there aren't many Christmasy colors/papers that would really go with purple and gold. Instead, I just decided to focus on the green which was a major part of the second picture showing the players with the turf behind them.

The right hand side of the layout is a full 6 X 8 page with October Afternoon embellishments and paper. I added some journaling on some kraft strips that I'd been cutting off those Target gift tags to make them fit the pockets. (Look at me being thrifty here!) This page is actually pretty minimalistic, but I think that's okay. I wanted the focus to be on the photos anyway.

And here's a look at my album open to those Day 5 pages. (Notice it's pitch black outside and Martha Stewart is on the tv in the background. Hahaha!)

On Day 6, I went back to listing and back to a single page spread. Not pressuring myself to do the 2 pagers has really made this process easier for me. I used the #30daysoflists prompt about ways to get creative and decided to share 6 specific strategies I use to freshen up my mojo. On this page, I used OA paper, circle embellishments, and a 4 X 4 card along with a Basic Grey number, random baker's twine, and a random, older PL card. I popped up the 4 X 4 card and the number 6 to give a rather plain page a bit more depth. I really like how the bow draws attention to the list. I honestly wasn't sure about using such a large printed paper for my background paper, but I'm glad that I did. I think it adds some whimsical interest to what is otherwise a very basic page.

For anyone who is wondering, I knocked out days 5-8 in less than two hours Sunday evening. While that's not necessarily speedy scrapping, I think it's a pretty good rate for me since I had not made any foundation pages or anything. All I did for preparation was to gather my supplies. I even included time to select and edit and print my photos in that 2 hour block. Not bad, I say, not bad at all. That's it for today. Stop back by tomorrow and check out days 7 and 8.

*I am working on the lighting and photog issues. Grr - it's so hard to get good pics when it's dark by the time I get home every day. Hang in there with me!


  1. I love that you are USING your October Afternoon! I giggle every time you or Tracy talk about your stash of OA. I have a stash too that I'm waiting for the PERFECT photos. I hear you on the "just use" part and it's wearing down my resistance!

  2. Echoing Laura. Love seeing OA in action. Given the time of year and your work schedule, I imagine natural light is hard to come by. You might be interested in checking out some of the light boxes that are available. I've seen them from around $50 and up.

  3. Your pages are so darling. I really like the OA paper. I have very small stash of it myself. I like your use of twine to draw attention to your list. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Looks good, I like the clear pockets interspersed in there.