Friday, December 11, 2015

Currently, I am

Reading -          The Lady and the Unicorn

Listening to -    Barrett Baber from The Voice, "I Want to Lay You Down" & Adele's "Hello"

Feeling -           Tired and stiff from 7 hours of driving to/from Cincinnati in about 30 hours

Dreading -        Paying my property taxes next week

Avoiding -        Putting away the clean laundry & wrapping Christmas gifts

Waiting -          For my pizza to be delivered for dinner

Wearing -         Black yoga pants, black tshirt, black slippers (apparently, I'm Johnny Cash)

Watching -       Big Bang Theory reruns + The Man in the High Castle + American Horror Story

Enjoying -        The sparkle of my Christmas lights in my living room

Missing -          Kelsey & the fella (it's been days since I've seen either one of them!)


  1. That book looks good! I've always loved the lady & the unicorn tapestry (didn't realize it was a series.) We're watching Big Bang here, too. :) That's a really good picture of you.

  2. I hate property taxes!!! Love Big Bang and my Christmas tree.