Tuesday, November 24, 2015

T'giving Prep

Are any of y'all already feeling stressed? I'm not even hosting a big dinner, and I found myself a little stressed at the grocery yesterday. It was packed with people, and many of the most popular products/brands needed to be restocked. I wasn't in a hurry, thankfully, so I spent about an hour and a half at Kroger. I knew I'd be more stressed and grouchy if I hurried; my more Zen approach to just riding the wave of humanity through each aisle seemed to be the best approach for me.

Here's a look at my giant pile of groceries before I put them away:

I'm attending two gatherings and hosting a small one of my own. On Thursday at noon, the fella and I will join my bestie's holiday gathering in Smiths Grove, KY - a tiny town about a half hour north of Bowling Green. I'm planning on taking a new salad I haven't made before as well as a creamed onion dish. That evening, Kelsey, Jake, and I will join the celebration that my aunt and uncle are hosting. They asked me to bring a dessert (!!!) - I finally settled on individual pumpkin parfaits for my contribution there. I haven't made it before, and I forgot to buy the individual dishes I wanted to serve those in -> guess I'll be running an errand after work today...

On Saturday, we'll be having our small family gathering at my house, and that menu has largely been chosen by Kelsey. It's heavily vegetarian, specifically on green veggies. Fella, did you hear that? I know veggies are totally your fave. Hahaha! So far, we plan on having soup, deviled eggs, a cheese ball, spinach pinwheels, broccoli casserole, spinach-artichoke dip,  turkey rolls, and peanut butter pie. Kel is making the soup and eggs; the turkey will be courtesy of Heavenly Ham, but the rest is up to me. Aacckk! (Oh, and I need to order that turkey breast today...)

Looks like I need to channel my inner Zen approach for a little longer, eh? What about you? Where do you stand on Thanksgiving prep and planning? Commiserate with me so I don't feel all alone. Please. ;)


  1. Zero! I am going to dinner at Cracker Barrel with my mom and sissy. :) Mama is buying us a pie there and we'll enjoy that at my house or hers with ice cream that is store bought so none of us have to make a thing! :)

  2. To my mom's on Thursday I am taking whipped sweet potatoes, homemade whipped cream for the pies & a couple of dips (Grandma gave me the mixes when she cleaned out her cupboard), the hubs is still undecided on what he's making to take to his mom's on Saturday, probably a pumpkin roll.

  3. We go to my mother-in-law's but sis-in-law and I do the brunt of the cooking - and the majority of it has to be made ahead of time. I was stressed until the turkey went into the oven at noon. Darling daughter helped with a couple things this afternoon, and we just have a couple to finish tomorrow. It will all go together nicely - so I should be able to sleep in tomorrow and not wake at 3 a.m. worried about a frozen bird!!