Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unseen Bowling Green - Haunted Scandals

It was a chilly night for our walking tour with Unseen Bowling Green, but the rain held off until we were walking back to our car. Here we are waiting for the tour to begin.

Our guide was quite knowledgeable and had a flair for the theatrical. Under her period costume, she had some sort of music player that provided sound effects at key moments of her storytelling. Here she is in front of a local antiques store that had been a Chinese laundry in the early 1800s when BG was first settled.

On the steps of the old courthouse, she told us about two young men of color who were executed for the "maltreatment" of a local white woman and about their ghosts that are said to haunt the steps of the courthouse.

We stopped into Mariah's as a group for a cocktail and to hear super risque stories about Pauline Tabor who ran an infamous brothel in BG for decades.

Look how much more flattering our selfie is than the photo that another group member snapped. Haha! The tour guide's husband asked me if we'd captured any orbs or spirits as we'd been taking photos all night, and I replied, "We only take pictures of ourselves." Hahaha! True story.

There's our guide regaling us with lewd stories of Pauline's Place.

I indulged in an apple cider margarita that was divine. The fella had a KY Bourbon Ale that is a beer stored in bourbon barrels to soak up the flavor of the liquor. It tasted more like bourbon than beer to me; I don't like either.

And here's a group photo that the tour guide's husband took of all of us on the trip. The fella and I are on the far right side. :)

Happy hauntings everyone!


  1. Looks like fun - especially the apple cider margarita. My hubby would have gone for the bourbon ale too.

  2. That sounds fun! Love your selfie!

  3. SO FUN!! I wish we had something like this around here I refuse to do haunted houses so I am party pooper, but this, I would totally do!

  4. How fun! I have always wanted to do a haunted walk of some sort. :)