Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Kelsey's Retro Photo Shoot

 I didn't shoot these photos of Kelsey, a friend of hers did, but I just love them. (In fact, I can't wait to scrapbook them!)  She decided to make a little mini-album for her fiance, so she dressed up in various outfits and posed in ironic or seductive or funny ways. Notice that the outfit and the props don't always match the activity she plans to do with them. I love her witty sense of humor and sure wish I could rock a bathing suit and tattoos the way this girl does.

*In case any of my viewers are easily offended, I did leave out the lingerie shots she shared with me. I'm glad she feels comfortable sharing all the parts of her life with me, but there are some things that mamas just don't want to know the details regarding unless it's a safety issue. Anyway, I figured the bathing suit shots were risque enough for my crowd to see. :)

You know how much Kelsey loves her antique Volvo; I sure hope that tank runs forever!

Jake is really into skateboarding, so I'm guessing that was the inspiration for these shots. I think the angle of this pic is really cool.

What young man wouldn't enjoy a photo of his fiance on his motorcycle, eh? Plus, the glasses and her expression are simply priceless.

This bathing suit slays me; it's the perfect vintage vibe for her.

She described her inspiration here as kind of a Rosie the Riveter character.

And here's her interpretation of June Cleaver taking care of babies at home.

I wasn't around when she gave the little book to Jake, but I absolutely love that she wanted her photo taken and that she made something crafty with the photos themselves. I might turn this girl into a scrapbooker eventually...


  1. What a fun sense of humor! What year is her Volvo? I had a '74 in '82 and it was my most fav car ever. In fact, I just bought a Volvo SUV last year. First one since 1982. I like it but it's not my 1974 baby.

  2. These are great! What a fun idea!

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