Saturday, October 17, 2015

Just to make you smile

Here are a couple of sweet photos of my girl and my granddog for you to enjoy. How sweet is Ollie's little tongue sticking out? It must be tough being a chunky boxer and trying to keep up with the little dogs; Ollie is a big girl,you know.  I love how Kelsey treats Ollie a lot like a little baby. In fact, I think having the dogs has been good practice for parenthood for she and Jake. Someday. Like, not now or anytime super soon. I'm not quite ready to be called Nana yet. Can I have a few more years before you do that to me, please? Are you listening, Kelsey? :)

Of course, Ollie isn't looking at the camera in either of them, but I do love Kelsey's sweet expression in this one. These are def pictures that I'll scrapbook at some point, so I thought you might like this little glimpse into our family life.

Have you scrapbooked photos of your family pets and your relationships with them? I want to do more of this! I have a tendency to just scrapbook random pet-only photos rather than ones that show how I interact with my pups. Catch you later, gator!

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  1. I came home from work one hot summer day to find my husband asleep in the sun on the back porch. In his lap, belly up like a baby, was our 50 pound blue tick hound dog. She too was sound asleep. We had her for 14 years. She was always his baby. I have purchased supplies and sorted picks for two cats and two dogs. Now I just need to get them scrapped! Thanks for the reminder.