Sunday, October 25, 2015

Charlie-dog's new haircut

Week before last, Charlie-dog went in for a grooming appointment at our local PetSmart. I tried to get pics immediately, but he wasn't cooperating as you can see from the photo above. He's just now started to forgive me for that traumatic grooming experience. They shaved him fairly close and cleaned up his face and feet as well as his tail. (It had lots of matting, and he was experiencing some, ahem, anal gland probs.)

He's almost never still unless I'm asleep too, so it's hard to snap photos of him, but I did manage a few over the course of this week. Here he is at rest on the pillow on the couch. Obviously, my dogs lead a rather 'cushy' life, wouldn't you say? Anyway, I love his little mohawk that actually serves a very useful purpose: it hides the giant wart on the top of his head. It's such an ugly thing, but the vet says there's no reason to remove it. I think I'm on the verge of insisting; I just hate that thing.

Devil-eyed dog.

Enough photos already.

Peace out, my people.

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