Thursday, September 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday - I miss you, Paris

I might be experiencing a bit of Parisian withdrawal. I left many pieces of my heart there...


  1. I bet you miss it. Fab photos, Tiffany. Hoping to get there one day myself.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I think a really great vacation takes you completely out of your normal routine and shows you that your life could be different. Obviously most of us can't relocate to our vacation paradises, but I think a small amount of "discomfort" upon returning isn't a terrible thing, in that it could help us choose to live slightly differently in our home environment. (I'm just recently back from vacation, too, and having my own "hangover" of missing it, as well.)

  3. You should totes take Jen Schow's Vacation class! Photo Triage. She goes through the steps to conquering a bajillion photos like you have of Paris!