Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The great scrapbook space reno has begun!

Most people spend Labor Day weekend grilling with family, hanging out at the lake or pool, and just generally relaxing. Not me. No, I begin the great scrapbook space reno of 2015 over the weekend.

First, take a look at where I started. Note the jam packed, unorganized space and the bright turquoise walks favored by 9 year old Kelsey. (As a teenager, she changed rooms, but I never repainted her old one.) Don't miss the stacks on my desk or the piles on the floor. 

On Friday night and Saturday, I worked on emptying the room of most everything. (I did leave the large work table in the room bc I was exhausted and out of room to store it.) Because  I worried that I might run out of energy on the project, I moved all the scrapbook items into my dining room. I know I can't live with the chaos long, so I'll be motivated to finish.

I chose Sherwin Williams paint in repose gray for my new paint color. Kelsey and Jake painted the room for me yesterday, and I have a bit of touch-up trim painting to do in the next couple of days. I want to give the paint time to dry and cure before I begin moving in furniture and hanging things on the walls. Wednesday is mlast contained the mess fairly welly target day for moving in pieces of furniture. Then, the difficult process of purging and organizing and storing will begin. 

Throughout this process, I have managed to contain the mess to only the dining room and kitchen. Thankfully, my living room looks pretty much like it always does. As long as I don't look toward the dining room, I can briefly pretend that everything is in order. haha!

Ultimately, I'd like to be fully back in my studio space by Saturday, September 19. That gives me almost two weeks to finish up the project although there may still be decor I want to add or change after that point. Between working and other weekend plans, I think a two week window is reasonable.

I'll be updating my blog with the progress of my studio reno; stay tuned for more pics and info. I've also been asking questions and exploring ideas over in our ScrapGals community on Facebook, so feel free to weigh in there.  Today is a long work day for me since my adult night class begins, so I doubt I'll work on my studio at all. On Wednesday, I plan to do a bit of touchup painting and take more pics of the updated color to share with you later this week. Anybody else getting the urge to purge, organize, and redecorate their spaces? Anyone want to share your studio pics with me?

Ta-ta for now! 


  1. I am agog. I am available to help if you need me!

  2. I can't wait to see the paint color - i want to paint my front room grey but I haven't found the right grey just yet. maybe your grey will be the one!

  3. Two weeks is a fast time frame. It took me almost 5 months to get my studio in order after my redo. While it would have been faster but it took a long time for my dad to get around to build my shelf unit.
    My room is a little more organized now but this post shows you the general look of it now.

  4. Would there be any merit to emptying each furniture piece before putting it back in the room? (Maybe you already did this.) You could keep a folding table or two up in the dining room area and put items on them for sorting/purging. Put all the flowers together, all the paper pads together, etc. Ask yourself, "Would I want to buy this if I saw it in the store today?" (I need to do some purging myself . . . My scraps drawer comes to mind.)

  5. Whew girl! Makes me tired just looking at it all. You will be so pleased when its all completed and just the way you want it. We are behind you. Go Tiffany!

  6. Oh wow, oh wow, she has begun! All the best with it!

  7. Your room looks like mine. I am feeling inspired to give mine an overhaul. I also love the paint color in your dinning room. Off to read about your progress.