Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the life - days 3 and 4 photography

Day 3 photography - Tuesday

Working on my hair Tuesday morning - with the flash on my camera

And here is the same basic shot without a flash. I'm not sure which I like better.

Putting my makeup on in the living room like I do every. single. day. I hate this photo. Do I hate it enough to not use it? I'm not sure yet. I reserve the right to decide not to put it in my actual album.

Full body shot once I finished getting ready - the first one is without flash and the bottom one is with the flash. I really like both of these and think they're flattering; go figure.

Y'all know I'm a master at the 'in the car' selfie, so I snapped this one on my way to work Tuesday.

Only one school pic today - seniors hard at work as we read and discuss Beowulf. I love this piece of literature!

Running errands after school - I'm starting to get a headache, and it's not looking pretty.

For the first time in three weeks, I remembered to take my recycling (well, most of it) out to the curb tonight.

Dinner at a local sandwich shop with the fella and his kiddo; kiddo's open mouth in every photo is a phase...I hope.

Battlestar Galactica, final season, episode 4 tonight - it's taken us a year and a half to get to this point, but I've loved this show. Just call me a sci-fi nerd.

Evening of curling up on the couch and watching tv with the fella and relaxing - this is how I like to spend a Tuesday evening.

Day 4 photography - Wednesday

Morning car selfie - now it's a tradition. Notice the glasses; I'm battling a major weather migraine today.  Let's just say I was heavily medicated at this point (not with the kind of meds that would be problematic for driving though). 

Here I am playing around with my self-timer app during my planning period. Dang, I really only like my standard selfie angle. These other angles are painful. 

Graded papers divided by class period ready to be returned to the students 

Close-up of a shelf in my classroom - history poster, musical poster, papier mache cyclops from and a Vera Bradley magnet board

Classroom decor that I made for this school year 

The door into my classroom with the weekly assignment grid posted behind it

After school, Kelsey came over to visit for a while and eat some takeout she'd brought with her. As you can see, I had varying success with the lighting on these pics.

 For dinner tonight, I made Zuppa Toscana similar to  what they serve at Olive Garden. I think my version is better though. It was declicious!

Sometimes, when I'm home alone and getting cold at night from the a/c, I wear my couch throw like a cape and pretend I'm Batgirl. 

Takeaway from days 3 and 4 - Keeping up with blogging about this project/photography each night has proven to be a bit of a challenge; I definitely prefer being able to blog a few days/weeks out instead of being pushed for time. I'm still not sure that I'm taking enough pictures or the right kinds of pictures or pictures of good enough quality, but I'm still muddling my way through the week. I kind of get down when I start to compare my photography to some of the awesome photos I see on the web of other people doing this project, but going there will not be a good way to spend my time/energy.  How are you coming along on WITL?


  1. Hope your headache is completely gone! That soup sounds wonderful -- I'm going to look for a recipe.

    I've seen some beautiful WITL photography out there and some very normal photography, as well. My theory is that the pictures we choose not to use could still be prompts for things to journal about. Ali's photography is *amazing*, but I remind myself that she's very experienced, has a magnificent camera, and a house with copious light. :) I'm aiming for one picture a day that I truly love and some others that I'm happy enough with to use. Since I'm going to do it in a tiny album, I feel under no compulsion to have a certain amount of output.

  2. GREAT JOB! even with the migraine! I am taking notes & photos, still trying to decide how to create it into an album later... so many choices!

  3. beowulf? i'm sorry tiffany, but i just can't. it brings back the horrors of being forced to study it in high school. yes it was over 20 yrs ago, & i can still remember. it was a big dislike. it's good thing you like it sense you have to teach it. the biggest dislike would be if you were forced to teach it, & you loathed it. i do, howecer, like that pretty blue blouse you wore on this day. it reminds me of toile. i sigh at the utter blue loveliness.