Monday, July 20, 2015

This week - my schedule

I thought I'd start this Monday morning with a look at my schedule and to-do list for this week. Yes, I'm back to the reality of regular life. Of course, it's not totally 'real-life' since school isn't back in session yet, but it's close. :) Yes, there's much to be thankful for, but I do find myself longing again for Paris already.

Monday - professional development training 8-3; multitask at pd and design 1st quarter syllabi; work on organizing my closets; clean my bedroom

Tuesday - time at the pool; household errands; clean guest room; work in backyard (sticks + weeds + trimming + patio cleanup)

Wednesday - work in my classroom; schedule appointments; crafty day at home; bathe dogs

Thursday - time at the pool; Kelsey's dogs come to stay with me for the next week while she and Jake are in Oregon; clean out my car; mani/pedi at home; color my hair

Friday - flea market trip to Nashville with V; concert in the park (??) or drinks w/ friends

Saturday - time at the pool; brewery tour with the fella (??); replant window boxes + buy/hang baskets

Sunday - Mass (??); crafty day at home; evening with the fella

After this week, I only have one more week of summer vacation. I'm trying not to be super sad that a lovely summer is coming to an end and am trying to focus on bringing some of that joy into my daily life instead. What does your week ahead look like?


  1. Looks like a full week! I am also a teacher and starting tomorrow have until July 31 as professional development. Though we didn't end school in NY until June 25 so I still have August. Always important to get that crafty time in! Have a great week! Dawn F.

  2. Summer goes by far too quickly. Savor these last two weeks. Until I retired 2.5 years ago, summer was my busiest season working in corporate finance. Today my to-do list includes grocery bridal shower shopping but my dog and I are relaxing on the front porch, enjoying a picture perfect day. The shopping and errands can wait!!