Thursday, July 16, 2015

2 Degrees

Ready to spontaneously combust from the heat a couple of weeks ago in Paris

And here I am the week before that so cold that I'm wearing three separate layers in an effort to keep warm

The running joke with the fella is that I have a 2 degree range of comfort when it comes to temperature. Whether I'm in the USA or in Europe, I face a constant battle to find and maintain a comfortable temperature. Much like Goldilocks, I'm always in search of that temp that is just right. Two degrees too warm and beads of sweat begin to form along my upper lip and the back of my neck gets damp. Two degrees too cold and goosebumps form along my arms and legs as I start to shiver; more than two degrees and my teeth will chatter uncontrollably. As you might imagine, this two degree range is problematic in real life. It's especially frustrating when my comfortable range of temps swing wildly due to hormones or a/c or activity, etc. Thankfully, the fella is pretty understanding about this high maintenance woman in his life. He suffers through cold car rides and chilly living rooms and four blankets on the bed and a girlfriend who might be glistening with sweat or turning blue from the cold depending on the hour.  Of course, I can survive more than a two degree difference, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Sincerely, the two degree diva