Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tips for a long flight

 1. Wear comfy clothes and dress in layers. Nothing should be tight or easily wrinkled. Ideally, wear dark colors and/or prints to avoid showing soil or spills.

 2. Take pics of everything, even the Tarmac. It occupies you while you wait, and you'll be glad of the memories captured.

3. Don't miss meals. I grabbed lunch at Nashville's airport; it's a good thing I did since I had to race to make my connection in Philadelphia.

4. Along the same lines, pack some snacks. By the time dinner was served on my transatlantic flight, I started getting a migraine. Some trail mix or crackers would've helped me prevent that.

 5.  Look oust the window and enjoy the view.Take picture s of your veiw whenever possible.

 6. Take advantage of technology on the plane to keep you busy. I watched The Kingsmen and listened to music on the plane's device; I read part of a book and listened to my own music on my iPad.
 7. Avoid using the airplane's pillow or blanket; everything I've read suggests they aren't very clean. Instead, pack your own neck pillow and wrap. This time around, I brought my pareo to use as a cover, but any large scarf will do. As a plus, I'll use it to sit on in the grass here in Paris.
 8. Go withe the vegetarian option for your airplane meal, even if you aren't a vegetarian. I've seen some strange looking chicken and fish served on flights, but I always stick with the pasta. It's not bad, I promise. I also recommend eating all of your dinner if you can. If not, save the extras in your bag
 9. The next morning, take a few minutes to brush your teeth, freshen up with baby wipes, and reapply your makeup. You'll feel much better when you land at your destination if you don't feel like a dirty mess.
10. If you're suffering from jet lag, allow yourself a bit of a rest when you get to your hotel. I only slept about 3 hours on the plane, and that's not nearly enough for me to function. Once I arrived at my apartment, I set my alarm for another 3 hours and lay down to rest. I fell asleep almost immediately and awoke feeling refreshed. I then got up and headed out for sightseeing. After dinner, I was tired enough to go on to bed at the the regular local time. My nap allowed me to enjoy my first day rather than fight extreme fatigue.


  1. Thanks for taking us along on the ride! :-)

  2. Great tips! I feel like I'm on vacation with you :)

  3. Great tips! I feel like I'm on vacation with you :)