Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Department store shopping Parisian style - BHV Marais

If you're ever in Paris and want to shop where actual Parisians shop, I heard that you should head over to BHV Marais, so that's exactly what I did. Word of warning: very few of the workers speak English, so you'll want to practice a few phrases ahead of time that might help you with your purchases. If you take the metro to station Hotel de Ville, you won't even have to exit the metro in order to go to the store. You can just follow the exits labelled "sortie, bazaar de ville," and you'll enter in the store via the ground floor. It's like a combination of Target, Home Depot, Dillard's and Michael's all wrapped up into one store that encompasses 7 floors of merchandise.

Photo notes: I apologize for the color cast on some pics; the lighting was not optimal. Also, I'm keeping the photos small because there are so many. If you'd like to see something larger, just double click on the picture.  Enjoy the eye candy! :)

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing pictures from the crafty section of BHV Marais; come back for another visit if you're into that sort of thing. Peace out, peeps!


  1. OMG!! I think I could spend a week in there. *swoon*

  2. How fun! We got off on that metro stop several times last spring and I had no idea this was there. And actually that may be a good thing, considering how my daughters and I like to shop...

  3. So much beautiful eye candy!!!