Thursday, May 14, 2015

Travel Thursdays - 10 craft stores I want to explore in Paris

Y'all know I'm going to have to do a bit of shopping in Paris. With everything I've read and discussed online, I've started making a list of stores I want to visit while I'm in Paris. I may not buy much (depending on how much budget is looking at that moment), but I do want to visit and explore and take photos and just experience these places.

Note - I grabbed these photos from the internet using google images because I obviously haven't visited there yet. ;)

1st Arrondissement
La Droguerie, 9-11 rue du Jour - sewing notions

Des Fils et une Aiguille, 1 rue Chabanais - stitching

2nd Arrondissement
Lavrut, 52 Passage Choiseul - art supplies

3rd Arrondissement
Rougier et Ple, 13-15 boulevard des Filles du Calvaire - art supplies

Weber Meteaux et Plastiques, 9 rue de Poitou and 66 rue de Turenne - metal and plastic art supplies

4th Arrrondissement
Papier Plus, 9 rue Pont Louis Philippe - art supplies

BHV, 52 rue de Rivoli - art supplies

6th Arrondissement
Marie Papier, 26 rue Vavin - paper supply + stamps

11th Arrondissement
Graphigro, 207 boulevard Voltaire - painting & sketching supplies

14th Arrondissement
Temple du Scrap, 13 rue Ernest Cresson - scrapbook supplies
(I can't find a working website right now, so I'm worried they're out of business. Anybody have any info?)

I'm sure I'll come across some other gems of stores while I'm in Paris, but I've already put these places on my must visit and must photograph list. Be on the lookout for photos and commentary once I do visit!


  1. These look awesome! Can't wait to hear about them!

  2. I don't know half of these... however, I can tell that the last one, Temple du scrap, does not exist anymore.

  3. Adding Hema (cheap office and creative supplies)
    There are several stores but some are smaller than others. I know this one :
    120, Rue Rambuteau
    75001 Paris

  4. I'll be interested to know which shops you visit and if you like them, after your trip.

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