Thursday, May 21, 2015

Travel Thursday - Crafty kits for Paris

Planner Kit (scrapbooking)

Here's the giant collection of stuff I started with - obviously, I had to cull that collection significantly.
 And here's the top and side view of what I ended up taking:
 The large baggie and my paper trimmer/tiny attacher will go in my checked bag. The planner, small Studio Calico box of embellishments, and small bag of pens/adhesive/ink will go in my carry-on bag. (It's important not to put anything in your checked bag that could be negatively impacted by the lack of cabin pressure. You don't want you pens exploding, for example.)

Stitching Kit
Here are the four projects I decided to take with me to Paris. I may do no stitching at all, but I think I might need to keep busy in the evenings as I try to relax from a busy day wandering the city. After all, I'm not sure how much television I'll have access to in my apartment. I do reserve the right to buy something fabulous to stitch while I'm there, but this should keep my hands busy on the plane if I can't sleep.
This is what it looks like nicely bagged up for my carry-on bag.

Sketching/Coloring Kit

These are all the crafty kits I have planned/packed for Paris. Hopefully, I have just about everything I need. I'm sure I'll be able to buy something if it's absolutely necessary; after all, you remember all of those crafty stores I posted about last week and plan to visit.

xo Tiff


  1. This is wonderful!!!!!! I loved seeing all this!

  2. You are in good shape, girl!!! I wish I could plan so well. And it's good you have those crafty stores for backup!