Friday, May 22, 2015

Mexico Mini-Album + First Time Video

Last week, I started working on my Mexico mini-album. First, I selected my photos and adhered them in the album. It's mostly in chronological order, but I didn't get bent out of shape if a particular photo ended up being slightly out of place. Choose my battles, right?  I also chose some of the PL style cards I wanted to include for titles and journaling, but I didn't adhere those yet.

At that point, my desk was such a mess that I couldn't make myself do anymore work on it for several days. This weekend, I forced myself to clean up my desk area significantly and try to put things to some sort of rights. Here's a look at my improved, albeit not totally organized, desk right now.It's at least a step in the right direction...

(Side note: I really should sand and repaint the top of my desk when I get back from Paris this summer. It's looking extra ratty right now. Also, I need to finish painting the "new" window trim. Home ownership is a never-ending series of projects, isn't it?)

On Saturday, I went through my mini-album and adhered the journaling cards and titles I had chosen for the pages. Most pages don't have titles, but I think that's perfectly okay in a mini-album.

Then, Sunday afternoon, I gathered several embellishments and began adhering those in the album. Since I used glossy accents to adhere some items, I had to step away and let things dry for a while. (That's what's going on in the photo above from my desk.)

Finally, Tuesday (since I was off work for Election Day), I went back into my studio and finished the album up by writing my journaling and adding the finishing touches of ribbon, washi tape, and a title for my front cover of my album.  Here's a look at the cover of the final project:

For the first time ever, I'm including a video to show the mini-album I made. Hope you guys like it! Take a look and listen, then let me know what you think.

Go and be crafty, my peeps!


  1. Great album of what looked like a very fun vacation! I really like the mix of page sizes. Your photos are gorgeous too - you did a wonderful job on this album!

  2. love the album and the video - looks like a perfect vacation!

  3. Tiffany, your album is gorgeous! We were in Cancun in April (maybe the same time you were there!), and I probably took at least 100 photos of the water, trying to capture all the colors. I've never seen such a color in nature anywhere else! I can't wait to scrap my trip, you e inspired me! And I loved the video too, thank you for sharing! :-)

  4. What a cool album!!! Did you find that in a store or have to order online? Your video was fun to watch and I loved seeing your photos, especially since we are heading to Isla Mujeres on June 24 - woohoo!! Were those mostly 4X6 photos that you cropped down or did you print different sizes? Great job, Tiffany!

  5. I love this so much! The video was great. That water is amazing! I think it is so neat to be able to transport yourself back there anytime with the mini album. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Great job on both the album and video; I agree the mix of page sizes works really well. I love the page where you're peeking through the heart cut-out, and couldn't agree more about the colours of the water in the Caribbean. Don't be shy about doing more videos ;)

  7. I love this!!!! I left you a comment on YouTube too. I think this album is the best overview of a trip you've ever documented. I love how you took the time to take all those pictures so that you could tell such a complete story - you've really inspired me! Beautiful design and the video was great!!!!

  8. I loved your album. It was very well done and allowed you beautiful pictures to be the focus. I liked the video too, you should do more.

  9. I loved your video!! You have such a calming voice. I was ready to jump in that beautiful water!! Thank you for sharing your album. Turned out great!!