Friday, March 27, 2015

Packing for Mexico

Next Saturday, I'll be leaving for my first trip to Isla Mujares, Mexico. While I've been to Cancun once before, this particular island will be a new experience. Lucky for me, the bestie I'm traveling with is a pro when it comes to Isla Mujares, so I expect I'll be in great hands. I'm not planning anything or in charge of anything other than packing my suitcase. :)

As such, I thought I might share with y'all what I'm packing for a week in the Caribbean. Because I don't want to pay the baggage fees, I'm making do with a carryon and a large purse. It is a tropical island, so the standards of dress are pretty loose and informal. I think that plays to my advantage in having to stick with a carryon bag in this instance.

Wearing on the plane: 
(comfort is key - the sweater will be good in case the Caribbean nights are chilly and will help me transition from home to island life, lol)

Short sundress
White cardigan
Black Clark's sandals

Packing in the carryon: 
(notice that I'll have a couple of extra dresses for the week in case I get sweaty or spill something on myself; since they roll up to almost nothing, I think I'll have room for them)

2 maxi sundresses
4 short sundresses
2 'party' dresses
Metallic wedge sandals (if space permits)
3 tankini swimsuits (1 to wear, 1 to dry, and 1 to spare)
Nike beach flipflops
2 coverups (pullover tunic style that could double as a dress in a pinch)
2 beach towels (I like to lay on one and dry off with one)
Lingerie (1 bra, 3 panties, pair of socks, nightgown)
     *I can't stand sandy feet in the hotel room, so that's why I'm bringing the socks.
Hat (either a ballcap or a floppy beach hat for when my face has gotten too much sun)
Chargers and adapters for camera, iPad, point and shoot camera, and iPhone
Extras in a large plastic zip bag - hair clips, scarf, (this bag will do double duty in case I still have wet items on the way home)

Packing in the large purse:  
(this will do double duty as my beach bag while on the island)

Small crossbody bag that will actually be my purse while I'm there (tiny wallet, passport, sunglasses, cell phone, headphones, lipstick)
iPad in its case + keyboard
DSLR camera + memory card case
Point and shoot camera
Tiny toiletry bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume, foundation, curl cream, starter sunscreen,  eye drops)
Medicine + contacts
RX sunglasses + RX glasses
2 paperback books for the beach (I can always buy more if I get on a reading jag while I'm there)
Journal + pen

To buy once I get there:

Toiletry items mainly - sunscreen, deodorant, soap, shampoo, and lotion

Leaving at home:

Hairdryer and straightener - I'll be living with naturally curly hair and trying to embrace it.
Extra jewelry - the silver earrings, bracelet, and necklace that I'll wear there on the plane will be all I have with me.


  1. I'm going to Hawaii for the first time in May. I really want to pack light. Shoes are always my biggest weakness. Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. I agree that it's so much easier to pack for a tropical vacation than it is to pack for a wintery one. We spent our spring break in Asheville NC last week and coming from FL it meant we had to pack for just about every imaginable type of weather. Thankfully we were driving. Lol!!

  3. I thought you got one free back checked for international flights.