Saturday, March 21, 2015

Lowder-dog's addicted

Coming out of the laundry room the other day, I came upon this view. I'd been cuddling with Lowder-dog on the chaise lounge that afternoon and had finally gotten up to do a bit of housework. He decided to capitalize on the moment and help himself to a bit of coke. The pup just loves coke.

After grabbing my camera and snapping a couple of shots from the other room, I came around the side of him and tried to angle in for some closer photos. He never looked up from his delicious treat.

Even when I stood directly in front of him, he didn't even look up. He just kept slurping the coke. He probably would've finished it if I hadn't interrupted at this point. With a face that sweet, I couldn't resist letting him enjoy himself for a little while at least.

Moral of the story - guard your drinks when you come to my house for a visit. Lowder-dog is partial to coke, red wine, and pina coladas. Just saying...


  1. I love this! I love photographing our fur babies almost as much as I do our kids and most of the time they are more cooperative. :) The natural light in your living room is perfect!

  2. Thank goodness you saw him! lol

  3. He's being so careful not to tip the cup!! Adorbs!