Sunday, February 15, 2015

Snowmageddon Prep 2015

Apparently, we're expecting 15 inches of snow between now and Tuesday morning. That's right, 15 inches. In the South. In February. And it's supposed to snow on Wednesday and Friday and next Sunday too. For those of you who live in northern areas, this probably sounds like a normal forecast. In my entire life, I've never witnessed what 15 inches of snow in a 36 hour time period looks like. Ever. This should be interesting.

The real air low temp on Wednesday is supposed to be -8. Real air temp. Again, prob not a big deal for some of you. For this delicate, hothouse flower, it's a pretty big friggin' deal. In fact, the upcoming forecast does not show temperatures reaching above freezing until next weekend. That's right, next weekend. When you take into consideration the average high temps in February are usually the low 50s, you can see why this is shocking.

We have a handful of snowplows in my town of roughly 60,000 people. We have some ice trucks. We don't have anything to deal with 15 inches of snow. Thankfully, we were already scheduled to be out of school tomorrow for President's Day, otherwise that would be another issue that we'd need to address. At this point, I can't even think about how this will likely impact our school schedule.

Here's what I do know. I've been to the grocery and gathered supplies. I have the necessities - dog treats, dog food, and people junk food to last several days for sure. If I'm so inclined, I have the ingredients to make potato soup, Tuscan rustica soup, quick coq au vin, quiche, corn chowder, salad, salmon, and sausage crescent roll bites for actual meals. I also have cereal and bagels and nuts and Fritos and random ingredients to rustle up meals. I have a case of cokes, a 1/2 gallon of milk, 4 beers. 3 bottles of wine, 1/2 gallon of fruit tea and 4 diet Sunkists to drink. Hahahaha! Apparently, liquid nourishment is quite important to me. I also have Valentine's candy, a giant slab of almond toffee bark, Lofthouse cookies, strawberry fruit pops, and two boxes of Magnum ice cream bars if things start to looks really bleak. I could be snowed in for days, people.

As long as my electricity holds, I also have lots of options for entertainment - Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Pandora streaming; internet and all the glory it possesses; DVDs to watch; a novel to finish writing; French to continue learning via games/apps; games to play online; and social media to peruse. Of course, I might also decide to get crafty or to read as well. I stopped by JoAnn's yesterday and Michael's and Barnes and Noble today to stock up on a few goodies just in case. Alas, I don't have any schoolwork with me to do. Oh, snap! Hahaha!

Stay tuned to my Instagram or Twitter or Facebook feed for up to the moment whining and random updates, but I'll also update you here. Keep warm and stay safe, people!



  1. I do love a good snow day! unfortunately this year, we have only had one good snow & it was on a Sunday but the streets were clear enough to get out & about :( BOO!!

  2. holy moly no way! i mean i live in the south too. if you can call texas the south, i do. anyway we aren't equipped to deal with bad weather like that either. it's like everything shuts down. i hope you get some sunshine, & stay safe!

  3. Our snow just started in!aryland. We are expecting 6 inches of snow tonight. I am not sure about the rest of the week. The snow makes it tough with a 6 and 9 year old boys. They are hard to keep entertained inside.

  4. This is so funny. Being from tennessee I totally get it. Love the grocery rundown. I would be set too with a case of coke!!