Thursday, February 26, 2015

Random crafty thoughts & yumminess

Disclaimer: I haven't been feeling crafty at all. Like, not at all. I have all kinds of great supplies and great ideas, but I have zero energy and zero follow-through. Am I supposed to tell you that? Does that crush your dreams? I mean, I know I'm supposed to be a crafty blogger (kind of), but I guess it's still normal for me to struggle with the creative process.

This weekend, Tracie and I are taping a podcast about stamping. Check out the lovely little stamps I bought recently. They were on sale and delicious, so I bought them. I'm not especially good at stamping; I'm definitely not confident about my stamping abilities, and yet I have a hard time passing them up in the store. These are from Jillibean Soup and Heidi Swapp; I snagged them on sale at Michael's and paid less than $3 for each one.

I also scored some really intricately cut pieces of very thin wood that have great messages on them. I envision using these somehow in a mini-album. A while back, Heidi Swapp made a mini-album with a wooden frame as the cover; I imagine using these in kind of the same way. Wouldn't the embrace the journey one be a perfect one for a mini-album about a teenager or about a change in job or about a personal 'journey' in terms of weight-loss or self-acceptance or a new skill or something? I think the create one would be great for a mini-album about your crafty goals or projects or pinterest attempts or even inspiration pieces. Oh, and if embrace or create is your OLW, these would be perfect for an album about that too!

Right now, I'm loving all of the laser cut wood pieces that are super popular. Check out these yummy items from Heidi Swapp that I snagged at JoAnn's and Michael's over the last few weeks. I think they are just delish!

Finally, I'm currently in love with gold. (This is big for me, since I've always been a silver girl.) These days, I can't get enough of anything gold whether it's in my costume jewelry, my home decor, or my scrapbooking supplies. These new Heidi Swapp items with gold (foil!) trim are my current faves. I can't wait to use them in an actual project, if I can just find some motivation to actually get busy and get to making...

How are you doing on your crafty to do list? Anybody else struggling with their mojo right now? Please tell me I'm not alone... :(


  1. You're not alone! :-) Mojo ebbs and flows, presumably for most of us. I think I need to work on something I'm really excited about, instead of what I tell myself I *should* work on, like Project Life 2015 (and wrapping up 2014). I have photos from a special weekend trip last May that I haven't edited/gotten printed yet and I haven't scrapped Disney 2013. ~ Laura

  2. We've been selling the house, the stress surrounding another huge life change, jobs, teenager etc killed the mojo dead, of course as soon as I felt I wanted to give it a go I daren't because of making a mess just before an open home/viewing. Now we've sold, we move on Friday, I'm packing up, cleaning, doing all the change of address/ cancelling and setting up services boring stuff and now of course ideas are coming thick and fast and my supplies are all packed away out of reach, I just found a new photo app, took a pic, got it all lovely and tried to print it just to see, just to do something and I now realise even though the printer is still there I'VE PACKED THE PHOTO PAPER, GRRRRRRR.

  3. I have lost it too. I read blogs, go to Michaels, Hobby Lobby and get excited. But when i go to my scrapbook room nothing comes! No mojo.

  4. You've snagged some gold things of Heidi's I don't have! Hmmm....I need to visit Joann in MJ.