Sunday, February 1, 2015

Podcast reminder - Planner Frenzy

On last Monday's show (1/26), we welcomed a guest to the podcast to discuss the current planner frenzy (aka trend) in scrapbooking. Tracie and I have known Jennifer for years and count her as a good friend. She's super artistic and just as passionate about scrapbooking as we are. Check out her blog if you have a chance - The Creative Webb. Here's a shot of me, Jennifer Webb (our guest), and Tracie before we sat down to talk all things planner related. (On a side note: dang, my hair is long. I'm afraid it's venturing into sister wife territory. Think I need to get a trim? Whew! Btw, if you are a sister wife, no offense, it's just not the look I'm trying to achieve. Hahahaha- I crack myself up!) If you haven't caught that show yet, I recommend you take a listen.

They've almost talked me into trying the planner thing for my trip to Paris this summer and potentially continuing it with a new book for the next school year beginning in August. Anybody reading this blog who loves the planner craze? If so, I challenge you to convince me why your planner/products are the best and why or how I should incorporate it into my scrapbooking. Go!  :)



  1. I like your idea of using a planner for the school year. I'm a middle school teacher and would like to remember some of the projects and events of my students. I also enjoy the podcast on a regular basis but especially the recent planner episode. It spurred me on to work on mine - I found the gold Heidi Swapp one at Michaels on clearance - Score!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Tiffany for the shout out! I really enjoyed being on the podcast and talking about this fun spin off of my scrapbooking obsession!