Friday, February 6, 2015

Paris 2015 budget outline

I've been giving some thought lately to how much I might spend during the six weeks I'm planning to stay in Paris this summer. First though, let me share a few pics of Versailles from this past sumer.

Back to the budget.  For now, I'm estimating as follows:

Paris 2015 Budget

Taxi from airport to apartment                  75 euro
Taxi from apartment to airport                  75 euro
Sightseeing                                                1200 euro (30 euro X 40 days)
Shopping                                                     800 euro (20 euro X 40 days)
Food/drink                                                 1600 euro (40 euro X 40 days)
Supplies/toiletries/misc.                              200 euro
Train/metro passes                                      117 (monthly Navigo pass for zones 1-5)

1 more apartment week                              400 euro

Total budget                                              4467 euro = 5137 USD at exchange rate of 1.15 on 2/5/15

I've researched the prices of the taxi and the metro passes and another week at the apartment and feel pretty confident about those. I know the taxi is expensive, but my apartment would require four different train/metro changes; I'm just not sure I can manage that with luggage in tow. (I've already reserved and paid for the month-long stay at the apartment I booked via airbnb.)

I haven't included any specific excursions in my budget because I don't know if I'll be able to afford them or not. At this point, I'm thinking these are my high-end estimates for food and shopping; any time I fall under budget per day, I could just put the extra money aside for an excursion or weekend trip. I'm not sure if the sightseeing budget is low or high; it was really just a number I 

If you've traveled abroad extensively or have specific knowledge about Paris, I'd love your input on this budget.  This is the tough part, when I begin to crunch the numbers and work out paying for all of this stuff. Dang, Paris is going to be expensive.  :O

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  1. Tiffany - instead of a taxi to and from the airport, you might want to look into a shuttle that you share with others. That's what we did and I don't remember it as being really expensive. You can reserve round trip rides. just google Paris airport shuttles. You have to put your address in and they will give you an immediate quote. It's worth a try.
    Also, if you are going to go to go to a lot of the museums, you should look into the museum pass. You have to use it on consecutive days but it was cheaper than paying individual entrance fees.