Tuesday, February 24, 2015

10 Fun DayTrip/Activity Ideas

This time of year can be super depressing - the skies are gray and overcast, the temps are frigid or at least uncomfortably chilly, and the precipitation can run the gamut in a single day from fog to a cold rain to fat snowflakes falling from the sky. In light of that fact, I thought it might be fun to share with you 10 fun day trip ideas that I'm considering taking at some point this year. True, these specific examples will be applicable to my little corner of the world, but I'm hopeful it might spark some ideas for you to check out in your own hometown.

1.  Attend a sporting event or play - I often attend school sporting events since I work there, but going to a minor league team game or a university game could be lots of fun too. If you're not the sporting type, I'd go to a play that a community group was performing in your area.

2.  Visit a winery - Sumner Crest Winery near me would be a great option.

3.  Explore natural wonders - locally, I think I might like to visit Lost River Cave this spring; it's been years since I was there last.

4. Listen to live music - concerts in the park in the spring and summer are my absolute fave.

5. Take a train trip - I'd recommend the Tennessee Railway experience that we tried on Valentine's Day.

6. Visit a historical or culturally significant site  - I'd like to go see part or all of the Bourbon Trail in my state.

7. Attend a lecture or other cultural event - our local university offers free events like the lecture by Melissa Harris-Perry and the performance by Mummenschanz this past month.

8. Learn a new skill or take a class - wine and paint events are lots of fun, and I'd also love to do a community education class like swing dancing.

9. Join a hobby group - I think it'd be awesome to join a book group or form a writing group or even meet up with other photography enthusiasts for shooting field trips. (Idk that I'd recommend Barnes and Noble, per se, but that was the only image I could think of for this idea. I'd love to find a private local book group but haven't had any luck so far.)

10. Visit a local museum - for example, I could check out the National Corvette Museum (I've never been) or the Kentucky Museum (I haven't been in years).

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