Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Break in Review

By the numbers, here's how I spent my 16 lovely days of winter know, in case any of y'all were wondering.

1 book read
1 emergency letter of recommendation written & sent
1 dental visit before the year ended
1 gel manicure applied
1 visit downtown to pay property taxes
1 final Star Wars movie viewed
1 hair color application
2 pairs of glasses purchased before the year ended
2 podcasts taped
2 shopping trips with my daughter
2 shopping trips without her
3 tv series watched in their entirety - Mozart in the Jungle, Elizabeth, and Ascension 
3 days spent entirely in my pjs at home
3 grocery store trips
3 family dinners hosted
3 holiday parties attended
3 trips to Nashville
4 convos with out of town friends/family
4 bottles of wine shared with friends/family
5 meals shared with friends
7 date nights with the fella
8 boxes of contacts purchased before the year ended
8 student essays commented on and scored
10 December Daily pages made and shared
13 instagram photos shared
34 episodes of Californication viewed
countless hours spent listening to the John Mayer, classic Christmas, and Kanye West channels on      Pandora Radio
countless hours spent researching all things Parisian and practicing my French
countless hours spent sleeping late, daydreaming, and napping
countless texts and emails and social media updates

If you had time off for the holiday season, how did you spend it?  I hope you spent at least part of it just relaxing and recharging.  My to do list will always exist; sometimes it's important just to let yourself be in the moment with absolutely nothing you have to accomplish. That's definitely something I can say I managed to do over this break.

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