Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas with the ScrapGals

Today, Tracie came to BG so we could celebrate our Christmas together. We met for a late lunch at Chuy's and split fajitas that were fabulous. One of my former students, Wendy, was our waitress and took good care of us. It's always fun to run into her because she's so very sweet.

I gave Tracie a Pandora bracelet and a couple of Disney charms as well as a Heidi Swapp scrapbook kit that I picked up on sale at Michael's. There was a brief snafu with the bracelet, but we went to my fave store in BG, Heartstrings, and got it all straightened out. Tracie loved her gift, and that made me feel amazing. I splurged a little bit for her this year, but I love to surprise her and see her so happy. I think this year was a winner. Here she is posing in Old Navy and showing off her bracelet. I'll have to get her to take a close-up shot of the charms when she has a chance; we got busy and forgot to do so.

Tracie totally knocked it out of the park for me this year. She surprised me with an Instax Camera!!!!! (and some film and some candy too!) I did not expect it at all. Funny enough, we had talked about this camera on our show a couple of weeks ago, but I never even considered that she'd get it for me. Tracie is really great at surprising me! When I opened my gift at Chuy's, she videotaped me and everything. Let me tell ya, that's funny stuff right there. Haha! Here are some shots that she took of me opening my fabulous gift. (I haven't felt great this week, so excuse my flat hair and glasses...)

I love, love, love my fabulous gift and can't wait to play with it tomorrow out in the daylight. Prepare yourselves for Instax photos in the near future!

Merry Christmas Eve, peeps! Make your list, check it twice, and get ready for Santa to visit. :)

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