Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Village Recap - almost wordless Wednesday

A couple of weekends ago, I went with Tracie, her sister, and her daughter to Christmas Village in Nashville. It's an annual holiday show that features lots of decorative items, many with a homespun feel. Here are pics of our journey that day and the things that I liked best that I saw.

I love these burlap pillows and the decorative 'belts' you can put on them. I think it'd be less expensive to buy a single pillow somewhere cheap like WalMart and make your own 'belts' for it though.

Felted wool purses - swoon!

Love the turkey!

Titans and burlap? Pretty cool if you're a fan.

I like these better - painted ornaments with initials on burlap flags.

Deco mesh wreath with the glittered initial - love the initial, not the deco mesh so much. (Personal preference, I know.)

More monograms - this Southern girl loves anything monogrammed. I covet one of these for my front door year round.

More wreath yumminess

 Love the art prints in this booth. I'd give anything to be able to draw like that!

Love this reindeer pillow 'belt!'

If only I could draw like this; I'd totally do a series of prints of famous monuments with a tall, skinny, young version of me in front of them. Lol!

Shaped chalkboards, oh my!

Remember the yummy ornaments from yesterday? Um, yeah...

Decoupaged pendants with vintage images are just lovely and a super cheap thing to make on your own.

Mixed media canvases rocked - I think even I could trace a bird like this. Adding it to my 'want to make' crafty list!

Mixed media and just painted canvases - love them all!

Decoupaged canvas - totally adorbs.

I have great love for all things applique. This football, that basketball, the Christmas trees - yes please.

In fact, I'm going to try to make a shirt kind of like this. Wish me luck!

It was so crowded that it made me want to commit violence. Like seriously, it's been ten years since I last went to Christmas Village. It was so crowded that it'll be another decade before I go back. :(

I think this is a great picture of Tracie's sister, Jennifer, and Tracie's daughter, Caroline.

Old cabinet fronts that had been turned into trays by adding some drawer pulls on each side and painting the bottom. Genius thrifting in action!

Hand lettering was everywhere...

Burlap table runner with lace and painted sentiment - love it. If I could just figure out how to thread my sewing machine, I might be able to do this at some point.

These were like deco mesh Christmas trees that had been formed around a center dowel - thought they were fabulous.

Hand lettering + chalkboards= fabulousness.

Aren't these awesome? Those glittered letters really up the ante on the glam factor for these rather simple stockings.

A framed simple wood monogram letter - so cute - next to a glittered deer - yes please - beside a mixed media stitched canvas - you betcha.

Embroidery hoop art - more plans in the works.

I'm trying to smile amid the ridiculous ya believe it?

Metal sheeting turned picture frame turned message board and magnet station.

More happy ornaments :)

Here we are - the ScrapGals on our field trip! Check out the vintage Santa that Tracie scored at Christmas Village. Winning!

Tiny tree festooned with those hand-painted ornaments I covet so much

Wreaths and glitter and glam

Something about this snowman makes me very happy + I love the primitive tree there. I think it's made from some kind of treated mesh or canvas, but I couldn't figure out exactly how they did it.

Snowman in the middle of a glittery gold wreath? I think yes.

You could buy these swagified headbands for like $15 each. I thought they were cute, but I wouldn't have the nerve to actually wear them anywhere. (Plus, I think that was kind of pricey.)

Simple metallic trees surrounded by snowman heads. Not creepy, super cute.

Here are more of the cone trees I mentioned in this week's podcast. Really, really want to make some of these happen at Chez Lowder.

Check out the little lighted Santa head on the right - so fun. I also love the beribboned lantern.

Wreath + burlap ribbon + corrugated metal initial = I'm in love. Those Santa faces rock my world too.

No trip to Christmas Village would be complete without the floating Santa heads with ridiculously long beards. I like them, but I hear they're considered kinda creepy by some.

Did that help you get in the Christmas spirit? I hope so. :)


  1. that pic of tracie & caroline is super. those felted purses & fashion illustrations. sigh