Saturday, November 8, 2014

Brunch munch

Confession: as a single person, I have a tendency to eat like crap too much of the time. I eat out or I opt for convenience foods a lot of the time. This isn't a very healthy way to live, and sometimes I feel it catching up with me. Other times, I crave home cooked real food. That happened last weekend, so I decided to treat myself to a real life homemade brunch. 

Who knew that they sold biscuits 5 to a can? That's perfect for me! I can eat two, give each dog one, and have an extra for the next day if I want. Woot, woot!

Yes, I cooked sausage and my eggs in the same pan. I just didn't want to dirty up two skillets. I put the sausage in first and got them almost done, then I moved them to the side and cooked the eggs.

In my opinion, sausage should be very crispy and eggs should be very peppery. That's just how I like it!

Here's my finished breakfast. Yep, I like my sausage biscuits with strawberry jam on them. Yum, yum!

Sometimes, brunch at 1:00 on a Sunday afternoon is the way I roll.


  1. This post made my mouth water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yum! that looks amazing! I totally use the same pan for as many things as possible for the same meal! no judging :)