Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sharing 2 layouts - Scraplift mojo for themed scrapbooking

I finally broke the no-mojo curse. When I wasn't sure where to begin, I took my own advice and decided to scraplift. Here I am at school on Thursday thinking that I want to go home and get crafty - see my crafty game face? I'm even wearing my super nerdy glasses and my power-red lipstick. Lol!

Since I knew I wanted to use some fall/Halloween paper and embellishments and the accompanying photos I'd already pulled, I went to Pinterest and searched Tracie's "So Crafty" board. I knew she'd been pinning more layouts lately than I had, so I thought she'd be a good place to start.

Jackpot! I found a layout by Jana Eubank that Tracie had pinned, and I loved. Plus, I thought I could make it work with my pics. You can visit Jana's blog here and see the specific layout shown below.

First, I build my background page to look similar to hers. Notice that I have my iPad in the background to be able to reference her layout as I worked. :)  (I'm smart like that, ya know.) Also notice all the mess around my workspace; I just scooted a bunch of stuff to the side so I could work. Who has time to organize or clean? Lol!

Here's the finished project; I'm very happy with it even though I didn't make my page EXACTLY like Jana's.

Closeup of the journaling block -

Closeup of the title area -

Finished layout - oops, I forgot to crop around it, sorry gals.

Side note: Isn't it crazy how the lighting can affect the colors of the layout so much? Geez.

I was feeling so good about my scrapping mojo returning that I decided to make another layout.

Between the two pages, I had to go out in my nightgown and yoga pants at 9:00 on a school night and take my daughter gas because she thought her car was totally out of it at her dance studio teaching job. That's why she thought it wouldn't start, at least. Unfortunately, it looks like it's her fuel pump and not something as simple as being out of gas. Grrr! I've kind of had a rotten couple of days; if you follow me on social media, you probably already know this. Anyway, I digress.  (No, there is no photographic evidence of me wearing my gown, yoga pants, moccasins, and jacket - I plan to keep it that way.)

Before the gas can adventure, I found another layout that I wanted to copy by perusing Tracie's Pinterest board yet again. This time, I liked one from Leanne Allinson- you can visit her blog here. This is the page that I decided to lift.

Title block closeup-

Mini journaling spot closeup -

A closer look at the embellishment in the corner of the page and the corner of the photo -

Finished product - forgot about cropping this one too. Oops!

There you have it! I'm pretty happy with these two layouts, and I'm definitely happy that I've broken my long creativity hiatus. Will you be using any themed products this weekend? Be sure to share if you do. :)


  1. Love seeing your process... Cute pages!

  2. great pages! I hosted my annual fundraiser crop last weekend & am so inspired after seeing such a wide variety of pages created! hoping to get in my room tonight & do something about it :)