Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lazy, dog days of September

Lowder-dog prefers to rest on a fluffy pillow whenever possible. If mama isn't holding him, he still likes to relax in my rocking chair.

Charlie-dog likes to chill out on the couch or on the tile floor - he gets too hot otherwise. And yes, he needs a bath and haircut right now. Adding that to my to-do list.

Lowder-dog, on the other hand, really likes to stretch out and cuddle with a blanket and pillow. Look at what a little old man he has become! (He'll be 13 at Thanksgiving.)

Can you tell that Charlie-dog is vocal? He's letting me know what he thinks here, prob something to the effect of, "Hey mom, I need treats instead of having my picture taken."

It's a ruff life, eh?  Hope you're enjoying the lazy, dog days of September too. Happy weekend!

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