Friday, September 26, 2014

All 'bout that school life

Every now and then someone will ask me what's going on in my classroom these days, so I thought I'd fill y'all in on that. (Just in case you'd like to relive your glory days of high school, right?) Anyway, my ordinary school day looks a lot like this...

1st period    8:30-9:25      English II - 10th grade primarily
2nd period   9:30-10:25    English IV College prep - 12th grade
3rd period   10:30-11:25   English II (lots of ESL students in this class) - 10th grade primarily
4th period    11:30-1:05    Planning and lunch (I lucked out with this rotation!)
5th period    1:10-2:05      English IV College prep - 12th grade
6th period    2:10-3:05      World civilization (collaborative special ed class) - 9th grade primarily

This week, my sophomores are reading Bleachers by John Grisham in class and working on online vocabulary practice; they also took the PLAN test (pre-ACT) on Tuesday.

My seniors are continuing their study of literature from the medieval period - we've worked on ballads this week and are now focusing on Arthurian legends like "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and "Le Morte d'Arthur."  They are also working on online vocabulary at home and finishing up their reading of How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

My world civilization class just started studying the Renaissance and Reformation, so we've been alternating bookwork and handout days with notes and lecture. I'm not sure which one they dread the most - working out of the book or listening to me talk. Lol!

Do any of you remember studying these things in school? Did you like English and history, or were you more of a math/science person? I think it's fun to hear about the things that people did/didn't like in school and why, so feel free to regale me with tales of your high school days. ;)

Our first quarter of school ends next Wednesday, then we're out of school for 10 days for fall break. I've decided to travel with a colleague to the beach, so that should be great fun. I can't wait to spend a week lounging in the sand with a book and a beverage. Sounds like paradise to me!

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  1. we studied that stuff in humanities class when i was in high school. so it wasn't required. i found it fascinating. i liked engilsh & history. i didn't like math & science.