Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Traveling abroad - Innsbruck in review

We only spent a couple of hours in Innsbruck as we stopped there for a brief respite from a long bus ride. Here are some pics to share of this gorgeous little town.

Aren't the mountains surrounding Innsbruck just gorgeous? I can't imagine waking up to that site every day. I wonder if the people there begin to take it all for granted.

A close shot of the infamous 'golden dome.'

The clock tower in the center of town - overall, this town had a sleepy kind of forgotten vibe to it. I don't know if that's because it was a holiday or if it always feels like that.

Even though it was chilly (low 60s for the high) and drizzly, people still gathered outside to eat and strolled along the streets of the town.

Selfie in the main square...

Because it was early afternoon on a religious holiday, the streets off of the main squares were just deserted.

Innsbruck had a neat little rail system that ran through the city; if I ever go back, I want to take a ride around but this trip didn't permit it.

Yeah, today was a glasses day - after more than a week of sleeping in my contacts and getting just 4-5 hours of sleep each night, I def needed a break for my poor eyes.

It was a religious holiday, so lots of the businesses were closed like this local liquor store. It would've been super cool to check it out, but our tour guide didn't do a great job of anticipating things like holidays in planning our stops.

An image of a shrine set into an alcove off the city center.

Check out this group of li'l hotties - Penn, Hiltner, Key, Jernigan, and Jones. They were willing to pose for me outside of an adorable little chocolate shop.

Apparently, this 'golden dome' is the most famous aspect of Innsbruck. We didn't have a tour guide to tell us about the city, but I did manage to snap a pic of the most important landmark. What I really love is the mountains peeking out behind it though.

Am I the only person who thinks this name is hilarious? I mean, schmuck, for real? Hahaha! I'm easily amused.

Aren't the clouds gathered behind this monument interesting? Thankfully, it didn't open up and pour on us. It was more of a constant drizzle.

 The colors were more vibrant than I imagined they would be; for some reason, I never associated these warm Mediterranean style colors with the northern climate of Innsbruck.

 Check out the details along the windows of this building - amazing!

 I loved the details of the architecture here; it was unlike any other city I had visited.

 Walking along the city center...

Catch you another time, Innsbruck - thanks for the taste of your city!


  1. Poor Uhren! He has the worst last name! Or maybe that's two last names? HUH-lare-ee-ous. :) I love that first selfie of you - one of my all time faves. This place is amaze-balls!!!! Love all the pics! Please tell me the chocolate shop was open! Is that were my chocolate came from?

    1. Yes ma'am - that's where I bought your chocolate. I told you it was authentic! Lol. I'm terrible making fun of the guy's name, but, wow, that's just so unfortunate. I'll have to go back and look at that selfie. If it's an all-time fave, maybe I need to make it my profile pic or something.

  2. Great photos Tiffany! You really captured the feel of the city.

    1. Thanks, Kelly! Travel pics make me incredibly happy, so I'm glad you felt like you 'knew' the city from them. :)