Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Travel abroad - Venice in review

Warning: super photo heavy post ahead! I left most of the pics a bit smaller to make them easier to load, but you can click on anything that you'd like to see a bit larger.

Here we are on the boat ride from the 'new' city of Venice over to the 'old' city.

Once we arrived in the old city, we watched a glass blowing demonstration. Venice is known for its blown glass, and the guy we watched was just amazing. We also visited the shop where this company sells its glass productions.

We took a walking tour of the city and heard a bit about many of the churches, bridges, and monuments. It was pretty hot at this point and a bit hard to stay focused...

Check out the narrow, winding streets. Many of them were so narrow that I couldn't fully extend my arms as I walked. I can't imagine how scary it would be to walk around this city after dark!

Feeding the pigeons in St. Mark's Square...followed by lots of photo ops.

In Italy, if I'm not drinking wine, I'm drinking this lemon soda. Limonata is amazingly fresh and tart - sort of like a Sprite + Fresca + lemonade + moscato flavor. It's the most refreshing thing I drink when I'm abroad.

I enjoyed a leisurely, solitary lunch the day we spent in Venice. I absolutely needed the quiet time away from everyone. Venice is known for its spaghetti carbonara, and this was the best version of that dish I've ever eaten. Perfecto!

I had to shoot a few selfies, you know. This one was outside of the Doge's Palace.

Here's a shot of the kids from the school in Los Alamos, New Mexico who traveled with us.

Selfie squared...sans sunglasses this time

Sometimes, the simplest things capture my attention. The arched doorways are a definite architectural characteristic of Italy, Venice in particular.

Idk why this is true, but the Italians don't really believe in toilet seats. Gotta hover when you've gotta go! Ladies, I felt like I had thighs of steel from all the hovering I did on an extended trip to Italy in 2012. Haha! Remember too that bathrooms are not free and open to the public, but at least they are usually filled with marble and are very clean in Italy.

If you walk 2 or 3 streets away from the main promenade, Venice is much more enjoyable.

 Here's the restaurant where I enjoyed my lovely lunch. Yes, those are white cloth tablecloths - that's just standard in Europe.

Amazing architecture and art inside of St. Mark's cathedral...

We took the kids to a disco one evening. I didn't get to dance much since I was on chaperone patrol, but I did manage to drop it like it was lukewarm a time or two. ;)

Selfie with Yates after my infamous dance floor shenanigans...

More pics around the docks

Here's Porter in a contemplative pose.

Bolton and Helton posed at the Doge's Palace as well.

And they took a shot of me there too. :)

Here are the chaperones from New Mexico - Lynn and Erik. They were lots of fun! Aren't they adorable?

There's just something about the canals in Venice.

Even the pictures don't do the city justice.

Here I am posing with our tour director, Grazia.

The boat ride back to the newer part of the city was hot, but we were all feeling pretty great.

 Bristow and I had to stop and enjoy a drink and some wifi midafternoon because we were hot and tired and grouchy.

 Arrivaderci Venice - we shall meet again!


  1. WOW! I love every single one of these travel posts! love the tips too, even though I never plan to get there. So awesome that these kids are able to go.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy the tips and these posts. It's really been fun to share the pics and stories and stuff each week. :)

  2. holy gorgeous pics batman, i mean tiffany! i've heard about the nasty pigeons in vence, & the paying toilets, but i didn't know about the super narrow streets. your shots & descriptions made me understand completely. i've heard great things about the food too. supposedly wine is more common with meals than water. your dropped it like it was lukewarm on the dance floor cracked me up! ciao bella.

    1. Yayy! I'm so glad you liked the little tidbits of info about the things you might not have known about Venice. I've been pretty happy with my pics overall, especially since I'm not editing them before I'm sharing. Looks like the sheer number of pics means I've been able to capture some good ones. (And old girl can't really drop it like it's hot anymore, ya know? Hahaha!)

  3. Wow - how cool that you went with kids from Los Alamos!! I live in Las Cruces (we moved here a year ago from DC). You got some beautiful photos in Venice!!

    1. So, we're like only 3 degrees of separation instead of 6? Haha! I've never been out west, but the kids from Los Alamos def represented the area well. :)

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