Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Art show

Last Friday night, I was invited to attend a local artist's gallery show here in Bowling Green. Ellis Walker gallery featured the art of Matt Tullis, a graphics design professor at Western Kentucky University and dad of my daughter's boyfriend.

I totally enjoyed his showing, partly because of the incredible mix of people who attended. Matt has professor friends, student friends, tattoo friends, motorcycle friends, art friends, skateboard friends, and more. Talk about an eclectic grouping of fans! Matt's an all around great guy, and I'm thrilled that he had a successful showing. I stayed at the showing for about an hour snapping a few pics for Matt and his family since he was busy meeting his 'public.' :) The vibe of the evening was super cool with good wine, a few snacks, and even live music.

How cute is my girl posing with her fella (Matt's son, Jake) on the right and the music fella (idk his name) on the left.

Indeed a free spirit, Matt came to his gallery showing sporting purple sideburns and haircolor with a mad scientist-esque hairdo (courtesy of my daughter) and his favorite kilt. I mean, really? What other American man do you know who could sport purple hair, motorcycle boots, and a kilt? (How ironic that one of his best friends, Malcolm, showed up wearing his kilt too.) You've gotta love it!

Here are some shots of some of the art he showcased and sold that evening.

And here is Matt posing with his wife, Kym, and a darling toddler he picked up somewhere at the showing. Haha! That's just who Matt is - he's the art whisperer and the baby whisperer too. :)

If you'd like to check him out, visit his website Matt Tullis. You def won't regret learning more about his awesomely cool fella.


  1. what a fun range of friends, what a well rounded life he must life.

    1. Matt really is a cool dude - I love that his life is full of all kinds of interesting characters, me included.... :)

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