Friday, August 29, 2014

Glimpses into my living room redo

Remember my granddog eating my couch a few weeks ago? Well, I had to redo my living room and replace some things as a result. Here are some glimpses into my living room redo. There are still some things I want to change/replace, but I'm pretty happy with the way things are looking.

As you come in the house, the monogram wall and seating arrangement is immediately to your left. I don't have a foyer, per se, so this is the entryway arrangement. At least it gives me a place to put down my keys/purse if I come in the front door instead of the garage. I'm still not finished with the monogram wall, but I think I have a good start. (Vintage chairs from secondhand shops, antique table from my grandparents, Ls collected form a variety of sources including Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc., pillow from TJ Maxx, lamp from Target)

Here's that same wall from a different perspective, this time looking out toward the front door.

Here's a viewpoint of that same wall from the seating area in front of the television. Note, the dogs sleeping on the chaise are my granddogs...pretty typical of them.

Here's a shot of the chaise lounge immediately to the right of the entryway. My pinterest project curtains are shown in the background. My pups, Lowder and Charlie, are asleep in their favorite spot here. (diy curtains, chaise from consignment shop, small table from local furniture store 20+ years ago, pillow from TJ Maxx, ancient holy afghan made by my grandmother)

Looking down the room a bit further, you can see the back of the seating area in front of the television. (frame from Hobby Lobby, sofa table courtesy of some of my friends, glass jars from HomeGoods, lamp from Target, small table is part of a matched set from local furniture store, basket from Trees n Trends)

Here's the mantel in my living room; it's the first thing you see as you walk in the door. (An evening shot - sorry the background is a tad dark, but it gives you some insight into how the light affects the paint color on my walls. Sometimes, I layer lots of stuff on the mantel and it's very homespun looking. For now, I've decided to keep it very clean and simple. I think it's sort of  'restful' looking. (framed black and white prints from Target, ceramic weiner dog from Hobby Lobby, vase and artificial flowers from Pier 1, gold mirror is an antique)

Here is the mantel on the flip side - facing the kitchen (a daytime shot for this one - notice how much cooler the paint is by day). (trifold frame Hobby Lobby, black and white prints Target, picture frames WalMart, needlework piece made by me, candles made by my daughter, owl from Dollar General, topiary is so old idk where I bought it)

Looking out from the kitchen area...

And finally, here's a view of the area just in front of the television. (antique china cabinet from my grndparents, tv from SamsClub, antique chest from secondhand shop, chippy ladder from secondhand shop, linens colllected from a variety of sources, antique chest from my grandmother, vintage leather rocking chair from secondhand shop, pillows from TJ Maxx, leather couch from local furniture store)

Fwiw, I hate that striped tablecloth in the corner on the end table and will be replacing it asap. Since this is what it looks like right now, though, I thought I'd leave this pic in the mix. Also, I really should put away my laptop. The hard to see blankets crumpled in the corner are in a long basket from Homegoods; my dogs have decided that this is an alternate doggie bed for them during the if they don't already have enough places to nap...

Here are a couple of shots looking from the seating area by the front door toward the television. I think I've already mentioned where I got most of this stuff, but here are a few more details. (vintage milk caddy and clear bottles from a secondhand store, artificial flowers from WalMart, white bowl from Homegoods)

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my living room. It's certainly not all designer or all brand new, but I like the eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and time periods. I think it suits me and my 1950s ranch style home very well. I'll be sure to update if things change significantly. Until then, I'd love to see pics of your homes if you'd like to share. I think it's fascinating to see where and how people live. Peace out!


  1. that's gorgeous! I love all of the connections to your history.

  2. Loving the colour of your walls and the homely feel you have Tiffany ♥

  3. Meant to say, my fave is your clean mantel in the living room. That rocks!