Saturday, August 2, 2014

Concert in the park - BG style

As y'all might recall from previous posts, I love local, live music - especially when it's outdoors on a lovely summer evening. Last weekend, I made it out to our local concerts in the park that are held on Friday evenings in July and August. (I'd missed a couple of weeks due to bad weather & bring out of town.)

The fella & his kiddo met us there briefly, but they didn't hang out long. I prefer to go to the late show - roughly 7:30 to 10:30 which was too late for the little guy. We did snap a selfie before they left.

It wasn't very crowded that night which was hard to believe since the temps were already dipping into the low 70s by dinner time and into the 60s by the time we left. For y'all not familiar with the South, our July temps are usually upper 90s in the daytime and muggy mid 80s at night. Truly, it was a gorgeous night.

 I hung out the rest of the night with my boy bestie, Sergeant. (He actually just retired from a military career, but it feels weird for me to call him Greg.) Sergeant & I always have a great time chatting about life; even though we see the world VERY differently, I appreciate his perspective.

I had never heard this particular group play before, but I really liked them they were kind of a cross between old school folk and a rock edge - think Joan Jett meets Allison Krauss. They're called Black Cat Cadillac, and I'd def go see them perform again. 

I hope you have enjoyed some outdoor music at some point this summer; it truly is one of my favorite things to do.

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