Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Traveling abroad - Lucerne in review

Lucerne, Switzerland is probably the most beautiful place I've ever visited. (The Island of Capri off the coast of Italy is a close second.) Here's the view as we drove to our hotel about 20 minutes out of the city.

Purple Plunge - most of our kids swam in this amazing lake - I hear it was pretty chilly. Since the temp was just 65 or so in the daytime, I'm guessing chilly is an understatement.

Higdon, Rush, Johnson and Manley posing for a pic

Edmunds, Otis, Porter, and Yates post-plunge

Isn't this house on the lark just gorgeous?

The path down to the lake from our hotel...

Here's another adorable Swiss home...

The front view of our hotel...

Looking out of my hotel room window onto the lake was beautiful.

How picturesque is this view of Lucerne?

The colors and the water and the buildings were simply beautiful.

I found great bits of architecture everywhere, even in the doorways.

The streets were curved and narrow, perfect for wandering.

I found this little piazza complete with statue and flowers as I wandered.

More narrow streets and flags with the mountain peeking out beyond...

Lucerne never felt crowded even with the throngs of visitors.

Here's the oldest covered bridge in Northern Europe.

Even the boats on the lake were like something out of a postcard.

Part of our group poses in front of the lion monument which memorializes Swiss Guard who died in the line of duty - Potter, Edmunds, Morris, Vaughn, Bolton, Bristow, Galloway, and Wyrick.

Inside the cathedral...

Another shot of the oldest bridge...

The outside of the cathedral - love the twin spires.

The details and architecture of the cathedral were gorgeous!

Here I am posing with fellow Catholic, Jernigan.

As we loaded the bus to leave, this is a shot of the back of our hotel.

Penn, Jones, Higdon, Rush, and Dunn gathered in the hotel for a show.

Simic visits with her relatives who visited from Bosnia.

I enjoyed a snack after a day of walking & shopping - fries and a coke with lemon.

How's this for a gathering spot? It's easy to remember the ice cream cones.

Selfie after I enjoyed a lovely breakfast...

I highly recommend an authentic Swiss hit chocolate if you ever visit. Perfection!

Selfie on the bridge...

The most beautiful creamy gelato of the trip...

We happened upon a yodeling show at our hotel.

Lots of our kids danced a conga line with the yodeling group.

Then, several of our kids asked members of the senior age tour group to dance -- much fun ensued. It was so cute to see these teenagers dancing with grandparent age partners to authentic Swiss music and yodeling.

There was blowing of the 'Ricola' horn.  I blew it too, but I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say I should've paid attention to the technique the group used. My horn blowing was accidentally pornographic. :0 Aackk! (These interior shots were all with my iphone and aren't great quality - my apologies.)

Another Purples Plunge photo- Bolton and Bristow this time.

Jordan and Yates post plunge...Higdon is acting goofy in the background.

Our fearless plunge leaders - Settle and Widener. These cats are crazy!

More shots of the city and waters in Lucerne...

I have so many great photos of Lucerne that I might have to share a few more in the future. I hope this collection has inspired you to want to visit if you have the opportunity!


  1. What a beautiful city. Looks like you had lots of fun! What a great experience for those kids. I think travel really broadens your outlook on the world. What a great age to be able to see so many awesome new things. Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow wow wow!! every post makes me want to goooooooooooo!! those kids are so blessed to have such an amazing experience & kuddos to you for being a great person to go with them.

  3. Your pictures are amazing. I have never been to Europe. Someday...

  4. those lush mountains & the architecture are divine! i want to take a bite of those french fries,